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Is there any software available to convert a PAL VCD to NTSC? I prefer unix tools. The idea I had was to capture the PAL image at 30fps while playing. Then re-encode. This didn't work so well with the software I have. Audio sync is another problem.

Is there a package that will convert 25fps to 30?

Is the fps the only difference between PAL and NTSC?

-- Gabriel Klyber (, May 09, 1999


The only tool that can go from PAL to NTSC is XingMPEG Encoder, but it is only for Win95/98 right now. I do not know if there any UNIX tools around since I use Win95 and 98 to do my work. It is easier and less of a headache. Frames are not the only difference between PAL and NTSC, there is also resolution. A PAL image on NTSC gets cropped because the resolution is higher. Computers do not tell you this since they can change resolutions on the fly.

-- Will Shakes (, May 09, 1999.

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