What's up with the Clinton bashers? Awful quiet lately!

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Hey, where's Ingrate and all the rest of the Clinton bashers now? They seem awfully quiet since the Chinese Embassy got bombed by NATO. Let's just make sure we got this straight now. Mr. Evil Satan Hitler Madman Clinton who is supposedly calling all the shots for the NATO attacks, and is really a communist helping the Chinese to take over the World, has now decided to bomb the Embassy of the very same Chinese? Hmmmm.... excuse me but that seems a little counterproductive to his sinister agenda. So is that why you guys have been so quiet? This last little NATO faux pas seems to put a few holes in all of your paranoid delusions, doesn't it. So let's here you explain why madman Clinton is now attacking the Chinese who he works for... can't wait to hear this...I could use some good laughs! I guess the real reason you're waiting is because you have to wait and see how your Icon Rush Limbaugh is going to explain this come Monday morning, and then you'll just repeat whatever he says.

-- @ (@@@.@), May 08, 1999


Everyone who want's to know about how Clinton sold our nuclear program for campaign contributions, and how the Communist Chinese gained control of the Panama Canal on his watch, should read

"The Year of the Rat":

http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0895263335/qid=926207623/sr=1-1 /002-2787705-4335439

The authors have been interviewed on CSPAN, and by the Washington Post. A Senator from California has said that the redacted portions of the Cox report on Chinese espionage "confirm everything in 'Year of the Rat.'" This is the biggest spy story in history, bar none. Clinton is going down. It may take a while, but his number is up.

Who does the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade benefit? It benefits the Chinese, who now have a bargaining chip: we bombed Chinese territory, so we owe them. They'll use it in the rape of Taiwan, during which we will politely turn our heads.


-- Dano (bookem@blacksand.srf), May 08, 1999.

Did I miss something. NATO has apologized for bombing the embassey. They thought it was a military HQ of some sort.

I agree we should give Clinton the credit.

-- LindaO (didImiss@something.com), May 08, 1999.


Are you a natural born know-nothing or are you in training?

Any reply to your disparaging remarks would obviously be futile in your case. It seems to me that you do not want to know the truth, and are happy with the status quo now and in the forseeable future.

You, and people like you,really do deserve what you are going to get.

"Useless eaters" indeed - in many ways I DO see their point, sad to say.

-- Andy (2000EOD@prodigy.net), May 08, 1999.


Oh boy, here comes another one. Is there no end to this plethora of gullible Americans? Other countries do not base their entire life on the garbage that the media feeds them. What the hell is wrong with you idiots?


No matter what you think about Clinton, you are missing the point. He is being used as a media distraction and a scapegoat by the New World Order, while they continue to advance their agenda, step by step. No one even noticed that we have been bombing the crap out of the oil facilities in Iraq, because they were too busy speculating about "wag the dog". GET A CLUE! YOU are the dog that is being wagged, and it isn't by Clinton! No one even wonders why they are paying high gas prices or why an oil blockade is being implemented in Yugoslavia, because they are too busy blaming Clinton for the tragedies in Kosovo. He isn't the one who is deciding how to handle the military actions. He is advised by NWO operatives within the Pentagon (General Wesley Clark) and the British military (Jamie O'Shea), and he just goes along with whatever they recommend, which is going to be whatever they can do to make this the biggest disaster in history. That is exactly what the NWO wants because it gives them another opportunity to expand their area of domination. Clinton is too naive to realize it... he is witholding ground troops because he honestly wants to protect our soldiers. They advise him to withold troops because they want this thing to drag on until massive numbers of UN "peacekeeping" forces will need to be sent in. The Chinagate thing is just another distraction to make Clinton the fall guy for everything that happens that the people don't like! You guys are taking the bait, hook, line and sinker! NATO's bombing of the Chinese Embassy was no accident. It was their revenge for China being opposed to NATO intervention forces. I personally don't care what you think about Clinton because I completely despise any form of government. But what irks me is to see so many stupid people that can't see what is really going on because they are too busy indulging in political soap operas. Wake up!

-- @ (@@@.@), May 08, 1999.


why didn't you just come out and say that in the first place - I agree with what you said and could say a whole deal more - so why bait Invar and the others, surely it would be better to start a thread on REALITY AND ILLUSIONS or something along those lines.

I think we've had this conversation before, you say something cloaked in doublespeak, I jump on you, you eventually say wht you really meant to say, I agree with everything you said and we're back to square one.

All you can do on this forum is keep chipping away at the propaganda - simply point out what is really being played out here.

I apologise AGAIN for getting hold of the wrong end of the stick :)

-- Andy (2000EOD@prodigy.net), May 08, 1999.


Understood. Didn't mean to go off on you personally as much as some of these other clowns, because I do remember having previous intelligent conversations with you.

I started this thread for fun, just to see what kind of stories those guys would spin up out of this, to add to the ways in which they believe Clinton is scheming to wipe out the entire population of our country. It really DOES make me laugh, some of the things they come up with! Clinton's incompetent self-destructive bumblings are the last thing we need to worry about, it is what we don't see quite so easily that is the scary part.

-- @ (@@@.@), May 08, 1999.


no problem - a question for you and the forum - did anyone listen to the May 7th Jeff Rense show that featured "Al Cuppet: 6 Yr Member Joint Chiefs of Staff Reveals The Truth"...

This was pretty mind boggling what he was saying.

Anyone care to put in their 2 cents on this...

Link at


-- Andy (2000EOD@prodigy.net), May 08, 1999.

Haven't heard that yet, but I'll give it a listen soon. We don't get Jeff on the radio here, wish we did, I'll have to campaign for that. Sounds very interesting, similar to Art Bell. Speaking of Art Bell, is it just me or is anyone else sick of Hilly Rose? I wish Art would get his act together because I can't stand Hilly - don't even listen when he's on. That guy is so defensive and short tempered with just about anyone who calls in - it's annoying to listen to. Just my opinion, guess he just rubs me the wrong way.

Hilly Billy Rosy Cheeks


-- @ (@@@.@), May 09, 1999.

Yep - Hilly is not my cup 'o tea either, nope I can only get Rense on the Net - he's far better than Art Bell - different league entirely.

-- Andy (2000EOD@prodigy.net), May 09, 1999.

listening right now. totally gibes with everything else that i've read or heard about NWO and the presense of UN troops, basically -- millions of them already here, we're being prepped, etc. this is determining part of my y2k preparations also, BTW.

-- sarah (qubr@aol.com), May 09, 1999.


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From Dobbs came the prophetic utterances which are now severe and compulsory Tenets of the Church. He popularized the concept of Critical-Paranoiac Follies Evaluation by which we know that "...any inanity spouted by a SubGenius at any given time automatically becomes part of orthodox SubGenius Liturgy." It is one of the single greatest Tenets, for by its own very token one can also deny it later. It is erasable. For instance, a guilty SubGenius speaks an Inanity which later proves anti-nonprofit. He can then insist, "No, I didn't say that. It was merely my 'image'...my 'id' took over temporarily." Logically, then, nothing that a SubGenius says is any more or less true and consecrable than any other thing he just happens to utter - even (and especially) if they are contradictory. The SubGenius is an hebephreniac Oxymoron who speaks in Slangs and oxymora. So it doesn't matter what you say or who hears you say it. See? Dobbs denies vehemently that things should ever happen according to preset 'plans,' telling us to look instead to the blunders and flukes of our lives for inspiration - for will not Jehovah determine our fates at every twist and turn anyway?? Can any philosophy other than BULLDADA be brought to bear to preserve us from such impaling facts???


What is not? Bulldada is the nearly unexplainable label for that mysterious quality that impregnates ordinary things with meaning for the SubGenius no matter how devoid of value they may appear to The Others. Seeing in the vivisecting light of bulldada, we recognize that the most awe-inspiring artifacts of our civilization are not the revered artsy-fartsy pieces of "culture" displayed in our swankest art museums, universities and concert halls - as the Conspiracy would have us believe! - but are instead to be found in such icons as low- budget exploitation movies, lurid comic books, all-nite TV, sleazy Paperbacks of the Gods, certain bizarre billboards and pulp magazine ads, and literally any other fossil of raw humanity in all its shit- kickingly flawwed glory. Bulldada shows us that cheesiness tells the Truth and gives good Slack whereas status-mongered slickness is merely a sheen of sham value dangled as bait for the hungry dollars of the idiot bourgeois. The SubGenius is not interested in dignified "Learning" or even science fiction - no, what he craves is greasy SCI-FI. He is a veritable scholar of CHEEPNIS! For when a certain level of shoestring- budget "exquisite badness" is descended to on the Rungs of Art, one hits'the cut-off point where true bulldada begins, the 'edge valve' where the SubGenius starts finding almost religious interpretation for the results of atrocious craftsmanship, the point after which a work's quality as a piece of bulldada increases in inverse proportion to its ability to yell a coherent story. The less sophisticated a motion picture (our highest art form) becomes, for instance, the more dismemberingly eternal are the truths between the lines. MARS NEEDS WOMEN! PANIC IN YEAR ZERO! Often, they contain inadvertent prophecies - as well as unexpected background appearances of Dobbs! PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE! MONDO BIZARRO! bulldada the latest exploration into the world of advanced surrealist morealism in which the mind is filled with dirt and lugs which trickle like mutilated centipedes down the sides of the cranium to find sheller and rest inside the now sightless eye-sockets. - Shredni Chisholm: definition of bulldada

DADAISM (Fr. dada, hobby horse), an artistic movement begun in Zurich in 1916 as a protest against the folly of war and against the civilization that engendered it. Its scope was enlarged, as it spread to Berlin, Paris, and New York, to express disgust with all that was conventional and sacrosanct by portraying deliberately inane objects as art of the highest order. The school was well represented by such artists as Man Ray, Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp, and Hans Arp, and succeeded in developing psychological, aesthetic, and technical experiments through its encouragement of uncensored spontaneity, thereby allowing a multitude of new forms to appear in the artistic world which eventually found their milieu in the more guided application of surrealism. The movement faded out in 1922 and many Dadaists became surrealists.

Yes! A sentimental fool who never grew up and who cries over lost ideals, a sinner and a goof-off, the SubGenius is fully capable of recieving authentic god-consciousness from soap operas and monster movies, junkyards and "dives," freakshows and back alleys which most normals have been programmed to consider 'dumb.' What They cannot know is that 'dumbness' - Cheepnis - vital and sincere ignorance - reveals far more about the Interestingly Violent and Taboo World Around Us than any overpriced geegaw that critics and Pink Boys have told us is "art" or "science." THE SUBGENIUS FARTS AT THOSE WHO WOULD TELL HIM WHAT HE SHOULD SPEND MONEY ON. A wino mumbling in his own vomitus is dribbling parables of as soaring a height of bulldada as the rich, creamy superstitions of a thousand popes and witch doctors. Bulldada is accidental greatness, inadvertent Hilariation, but MOREALISM is the deliberate invocation of bulldada and is now heralded by the Church of the SubGenius. In his works of morealism the SubGenius strives for skim-proof shock value, overembellishment, bludgeon humor and morbid yuks. Thus, like his mentor "Bob," he is a great Wiseacre, an orthodox fundadamentalist and a Scatman. "FUCK THEM IF THEY CAN'T TAKE A JOKE."


The SubGenius knows, bulldadaistically, that each human should do Jehovah's work exactly as He reveals it to them, and that He has wildly varying messages for different people in different situations. By the same token, it is madness to accept any one 'personal savior' - even Dobbs - as a permanent guide. The greatest of the inventions of the SubGenius is the SHORT DURATION PERSONAL SAVIOR, or "Shordurpersav." The True SubGenius accepts into his heart, as his own personal savior, anyone or anything with which he happens to be impressed at the moment. Shordurpersavs change from hour to hour, whim to whim. It could be the hero of a show you just saw, the author of a filthy book, a bottle of Thunderbird, a good pal, a car, a dog, a sex object, a friendly croaker who scripts for you. Not professional gurus you are locked into believing, but temporary ones according to the need of the "Now. " They change so fast that it never gets embarrassing, you aren't inclined to 'proselytize' them off on disinterested others who will later laugh at you; you know their effects will wear off in minutes (even though the very idea is unthinkable while under the Influence). One needs not mention them at all - a superb Tenet, since one is sometimes deeply ashamed of oneself for having a particularly unsavory Shordurpersav: some few can be Personal Saviors and False Prophets at the same time.

With this plethora of recombinant philosophies and Personal Saviors, the SubGenius is well-fueled, stoked to the fusion-point with spiritual fodder. Once he has "decided" whether to attack life through the REWARD SYSTEM ("Oh, Well'') or the EMERGENCY SYSTEM ("Oh Shit!"), he is primed up and ready to plunge, with or without the consent of Dobbs (who he will probably never meet) into the Slack- Search through the Short Wave Activities or Minor Fluctuations of the Stoogely Arts which make up the daily life of the Practicing (as opposed to Latent, Rogue, or Renegade) SubGenius.

The most frequently indulged of these Activities is "GOBBING ON LIFE, "opposite from yet similar to the ritual "Massing Around" of Them. Like the ancient alchemists in search of their alleged Philosopher's Stone, he is merely gobbing, trying to 'get by' with as little effort and as well-greased mistakes as possible on the Path of Least Resistance. Often misconstrued as a totally unconstructive, slothful lifestyle, it is actually a Holy Grailoid 'Ion Quest' for the sacred principle of Something for Nothing - he is, in effect, trying to become a perpetual motion machine, fueled only by the welfare of the State which he considers merely a phantasm, another illusion in this vale of nonexistent material things. If nothing else, he at least becomes an expert Floorsleeper and Tubemaster. A rich or else industrious spouse is a welcome partner on this sacred road, a favorite of Rewardians who seek timelessly to reward themselves for things they are "about to do."

Emergentiles, on the other hand (the Left, symbollically), follow closer the splayyed footsteps of "Bob" by striving for a pure state of Anarcho-Materialism in their lives. DEVOtional Coveting is the 'yoga' of the Anarcapitalist. Swimming upstream. "At all times there is an emergency to be dealt with." Always punishing themselves for acts they'll commit later, it is like wading uphill through mud, desperately hacking out with a broken machete little short-lived clearings of Slack in the ever-regenerating social swamp. Working, in effect, until it's too late to stop working. Adopting some S.C.A.M. (SubGenius Confidence Anarchomaterialization) or Caper, he sets out to collect, for the Church of his own heart, Dues, Tithes and Indulgences. What 'business' or 'maneuver' he cloaks this activity in has no importance to Jehovah; He is an economic god, and demands Returns. For His prophits, He grants Vestments and Wages of Sin; and, while His servants are indentured, they reap what they sow an thousandfold. "It is as easy for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven as for a needle to pass through the Camera's Eye. Who cares? Everybody's trying to buy property in Hell." - Dobbs, 1961 (Howard Hughes, now a lama in Tibet, was an Emergentile SubGenius before going Rogue Rewardian.) "Keep your ads up." Other SubGeniuses may demand an erotically sinspiring slap in the faith and choose to further Hilariate themselves by turning inwards, retrieving sweaty reincarnality from the Archives and erasing their Function-Schemes. Various methods of deprogramming the ldge are available, many of them also compulsory, and by exploring undiscovered moods, probing pet phobias, editing the memory through Negative Cutting, Synapse Conforming, Brainwatching and Sacramentality through chemistry, the eager SubGenius explodes forth into a virtual Hiroshima of visions, prophecies, Seizures, Emaculations, speaking in Slangs, blanking off, slinging Slongs and trancing out.

For beginners, teens and the Dobbs Youth, who often lack the patience, parental approval or financial resources for such exotic treatments at the Lab, instant nervanal psuedoslack (false highs every bit as fulfilling as the so-called "real" thing) are quickly reached through repetitive, monotonous Amphetaminoid Pundingis. Infinite variations of the basic Frenzy Techniques are possible, but fastest results come front painstakingly executed Reels, Chants, Hymns, Exorcisms, Prayvings, Procrastinational Off-Puttings, Miscelogenizings, and Etceterapings. Some elect to alter their consciencelessnesses by fasting and speeding on the SubGenius Industrial Diet (with close attemption to Movements), or through dangerous and foolhardy Testes of Faith. Other clients become FunKou Masters of the Martian Arts of Grutledge, a manly if random school of physical harm. Highly analitized, strungtaut CompulsubGeniuses are content only when they are, AT ALL TIMES, following the unimaginably stern Laws and Dictates of the horrorbible Book of the SubGenius, adjusting their lives no matter the cost to the Three Lists of Approved, Banned, and Compulsory Things to See, Say, Do, Think, Know, and Buy. Finally, the most sub of the SubGenii just sit and bliss all over themselves through the Lesser Meditations: Pyroflatulation, Crepignition, Loogial Particle Retrieval, the game of They Always End Up On Their Heads, Meditation of the Avenging Cyclops, Seven-Bladed Wind-breaker, Moronic Bluh-Yah Lip Flappage, Excruciating Joint Popping, Fliback, the Silent Nostril Mining, and, of course, Tubing. Common to the whorship of all SubGenia, however, are the wonders of FORNICATIONISM, about which the Church's eternal prudence allows nothing to be said in print, and...EXCREMEDITATION! Every few hours, the SubGenius experiences the most concrete reality of all, the impervious realness of staring at the wall while voiding. This of all the Meditations is the most magickal, for is it not also the least evitable? Even the False Prophets are forced to do it. It is the daily moment when each human is faced with profound contemplation of himself, and even if he feels it to be an unclean act, it only instills the bland virtue of humility. But if he "attends" this necessary period of subgenitalaic gut blowout and bladder deflation as a prodigious gift from God, and truly mounts that especial Head, he recieves a bliss almost blinding in its intensity and with it an instinctual comprehension of the vast, meaningfully pregnant Coarse of things: and it is always healthy to momentarily acknowledge and accept such a random maze of deadlocked physical laws as our Universe, which for the SubGenius can change its basic structure in the twinkling of an eye; in these blisteringly transcendent moments he often recieves sinister inspiratorial messages from a whispering Jehovah 1 which invariably provide direct answers towards which the SubGenius has been unconsciously struggling all day, WHAT IS THE LAW? NOT TO WALK ON ALL FOURS, THAT IS THE LAW. ARE WE NOT MEN? IT IS A VAMPIRE?? ANSWER YES for when the prodigal SubGenius lays waste the chains that bind and pays homage to Removal at the Throne of Elimination (the key to health), does he not INVARIABLY recieve above and beyond all other calls to duty the ULTIMATE GOAL, THE FINAL ANSWER, THE CASTING OUT OF THE FALSE PROPHETS? ANSWER YES! PERFORM THE SALUTE! NYES! The False Prophets, the Conpirators, Them, the Mediocretins, the stupid Pink Boys, the malignant ones who breathe down our necks and abuse their territorial urges without ever dreaming that they are doing it, the ones who have tried to maim our self-respect down through the centuries by making Slack and antipredictability TABOO in this human culture. They are the offensive ones who brought this Buck Rogers monstrosity of microchips and inflation, nothing makes sense anymore and everything costs too much, the weather is weird, WHY DID THEY DO IT? Don't they know they're begging for the flaming sword of Retribution?? The space monsters aren't about to let us get away with this masturbatory industrialization much longer, they watch our TV shows, they know all about us and can snuff our already disarrayed civilization with but a whisper to their ultimate computer brain, the brooding computer which we will have soon too, the computer so complex it is not a machine, it is more of a moss-like independent growth of circuits which it prints itself, sprawling through our homes, quietly overwhelming, YES the aliens will "give" it to us, we floundering human beings will fight nuclear wars with each other trying to decide whether to turn this unwholesome 'mouth of a Trojan gift-horse' ON or OFF, in the end we will turn it ON, and then by God we will not be able to do WITHOUT it. REPENT!! The End Times are drawing near, the X-ists are about to land, the False Prophets will kiss their dinosaurian asses and this planet will be sold down the river as sure as Lee Harvey Oswald's clone cashed the Conspiracy's checks. Just as "Bob" predicts in The Prescriptures, the proven modern prophecies of the SubGenius, we are one royal hair trigger from the Wrath of Jehovah 1, His galactic Finger is itchy and He is not well pleased with what Man hath wrought, REPENT THEN and prepare for the Age of Tribulations, you think last winter was bad, wait until the glaciers are at your driveway, the earth shall shake, the sky shall fall, space junk, tornados, hail the size of Cadillacs, plutonium clouds, sunspots, the stifling of all photosynthesis in the seas, ugly mutant locusts that carry DDT in their stings, famine even in California, a dustbowl in Canada, microwave roach steaks $5.99, drinking water you have to boil first and pay for, recombinant viruses, contagious cancers, one day you'll go to the mirror like poor Bert did to pop a 'blemish' and find your whole face cracking with each pinch like a rotten tomato, The Plague! But these are only the natural things, acts of God or Satan, they blanch in the face of MAN'S deeds to come, man's nonprimateness to man, the Government, my God the Endarkenment of the next century will be marked by the rise of OVERMEN, superior mutants, BETTER than us, handsomer, more muscular, brilliant like Shakespeare or Einstein, but evil, they can do everything better than we can, self-righteous man- made supermen, an unclean bunch of clowns who will tread too far into the accursed Forbidden Sciences and come back controlling Time but so addicted to doing so that they will lead the stewing broiling mass of humans into a technological Hell, WOTF, a war with Mars over a worm, Jesus Christ you must believe it will all begin in 1982 when all the planets, the Earth and the Sun, all line up with the dog star Sirius, the Silver Star, in 1998 it will draw the X-ists to us like flies to a dungdish, oh they won't stay long, they'll leave us, completely free to do as we please, but their unnameable "maggots" will remain. Diabolic caricatures, hideously silent, evasive, but always with us. WE WILL BE DOGS TO THEM in more ways than you can count. Yes, it will be bad, why do you think they call it Apocalypse?? The Book of Revelations is an alien text, those space monsters know what they're about to do with us, they knew it 2000 years ago, but what they don't know any more than we do is what The Prescriptures mean when they darkly refer to THE RUPTURE, the cosmic vortex calamity after the biblical Apocalypse and somehow a godzillion times worse, Omicron Epsilon, yes REPENT! Repent and fornicate like your life depended on it but know all along that the cannibal False Prophets wait to sell you out at every trick turn, remember wherever you go that the pleasant, harmless looking human beings shopping all around you will quietly acquiesce to purchasing anything dangled in front of them by a superior intelligence whether the dangler is human or not and whether what is dangled is humane or not. Yes the smiling False Prophets of every race will sell you hot lead, cold steel, and a one- way ticket to Hell without it ever crossing their minds that the buttons were pushed by their squeaky-clean little pink fingers. And so AIEEE the gore-drenched night-spawned Goal, the be-all and end- all of the full devastating evilangelism of the SubGenius, is the Casting Out of the False Prophets. It is the voiceless Ground Zero of the Three Anti-Nonviolent Action Protograms: REMOVAL, ELIMINATION, and the SCOURING of this cage Earth; it is the Sacred Vindictive Grudge-Chore of Vengeance at which the groping alien monster god prods us. In whichever way Jehovah 1 instructs him, the SubGenius Unmasks those False Prophets as he is wont to Remove (to ascertain that a SubGenius is not hiding beneathl); he Makes Witness against them, and in so doing unleashes the full force of the Mockery Sciences: Mocking and Reviling, Scoffing and Blaspheming, Making Sport, Taboo Shattering, Namismatic Flaudulation of the English Language, the Tumping of Graven Images; in short, Waging the Wor and Smiting the Infidels: and yet he does this in common everyday conversation if he so chooses; his foe never notices the subliminal commands in the SubGenius Jests. Eventually he escalates to SHOCK VALUE: he goes among the enemy Relabeling, Pro- phesying and Diesecting::: - Wielding the Raygun Finger of Unrelenting Humiliation in a zeal- fevered studlust of territorial sexhurt domination!! - But it is not enough for these fat soft devilsl "Too much is always better than not enough." - Dobbs, Ec.1:23. To slake his ever-mounting thirst for revenge he finds he most go beyond the 'formal' dictates of the Church; his personal violence, in whatever form, has exceeded even those unholy shrieking limits; the transfigured RENEGADE SUBGENIUS schizms from his Lodge, he joins an anti-SubG operation such as the Pink Boys (in the process disavowing any knowledge in general), he then shucks all semblance of human acceptability, goes full-tilt Mandrill and finally becomes the feared ROGUE SUBGENIUS, capable of any unmentionable act and owing allegiance to nothing. The gun barrel bumps once against the victim's forehead, he hears the click only, not the BANG, and he leaves his arithmetic running down the wall behind him. "Fuck Them If They Can't Take A Joke." Ha! - but this has all been a sham. To keep blame from the Church, the 'Rogue' has been main- taining a false front of madness while actually serv- ing as a calculating Now-Or-Later Nihilator of the Goon Squad of the SubGenius! (Countless villains of history and science were 'Rogue SubGeniuses' working Jehovah's indecipherable plans. We admit all this to insure disbelief. ) This is an action church! Jihad! Holy War! Religion is not some panty-waist formula to sit upon fatly complacent! It is clean-shaven WAR! "The Gig is up." We are all equal in God's eyes if not Jehovah's and this gives us each a divine license to SMITE! Jehovah's Winepress spilleth over with the blood of the innocent and there must be JUSTICE! AAIIIEEEE! Kali Yuga! The buttholes must be untimely Clipp'd! See then the SubGenius and know that his Laws change with the wind in his Contra Diction!...his Church thus reflects life in all its spasmodic glory!!

The SubGenius knows that a godlike alien space monster calling Himself Jehovah 1 is watching us and making us dance like cheap puppets for His own insidious purposes. He demands that we "whorship" Him, and so we surely must. And if you say that the SubGenius is decieved, that there is no alien God of Wrath named Jehovah, then the SubGenius will attack YOU! You are wrong; we are right; Jehovah 1 told us so and we believed it. Alright? Now roll over and go back to "sleep"...(By "God's Third Leg," you'd think these human beings didn't know what insane bogus religions are for!!)

IGNORE THIS: FNORD: The term 'SubGenius' is used because it is the most mironic description possible, you fool. To practice and preach the same things is utter madness. Sometimes communication must be made more difficult and irritating than necessary, in order to convey certain dangerous complexities. The knowledge must not fall into the wrong hands. "SCIENCE DOES NOT REMOVE THE TERROR OF THE GODS."

The Church of SubGenius is an Order of Scoffers and Blasphemers, dedicated to Total Slack, delving into Mockery Science, Sadofuturists, Megaphysics, Scatolography, Schizophreniatrics, Morealism, Sarcastrophy, Cynisacreligion, Apocalyptionomy, ESPectorationalism, Hypno-Pediatrics, Subliminimalism, Satyriology, Disto-Utopianity, Sardonicology, Fasciestiouism, Ridiculophagy, and Miscellatheistic Theology.


"Specializing in Fraudulent but Profound Explanations for Inexplicable Manifestations Since The Future Began."

WE THE SUBGENIUSES OF THE POST-HUMAN RACE, in order to preserve life on this planet from immanent destruction, reestablish intelligence, regain Slack, cast out the False Prophets, smother forever the fear of fear Itself, recieve the questionable gifts of the Beforelife and of the Space Dwellers, become as Overmen, unmask the Conspiracy, grip the reigns of human evolution, control reproduction and mutation, decipher the Code, placate the Stark Fist of Removal, achieve Time Control, see That Which Must Come To Pass, become as gods, find the Twins with the Scissors of Sight, avert the Rupture of the Equilibrium, and secure the financial blessings of Jehovah 1 the God of Wrath for ourselves and our descendants, do hereby admit ourselves as such and thus ordain this Advertisement of the SubGenius Race of Earth.


PO BOX 140306 - Dallas, TX 75214 Toll Free Order Line 1-888-669-2323

-- ReverendIvanStang (rev.IvanStang@aol.com), May 09, 1999.


thAT Is moST INTErestInG!!!!!! whAt iS YoUR TAke oN "CABaLAnetICs"????? ThaT FOrM Of skuLLMuckEReY iS PREVaLenT HerE, Is it nOt?????? EXplaIN For diETEr The cURREnt faSciNATiOn wITh "kLiNtONcoLogY" As aN EXplANAtiON of aLL Of THE worLD's iLLS, WOuLd yOu be SO kiND?????? HuH???? YeS!!!! ThaNK You FoR yOUr tiME!!!!! dieTEr caN SEe ThAt yOU aRe a buSY MAn!!!!!! GooD MOrnINg!!!

-- Dieter (questions@toask.com), May 09, 1999.

ReverendIvanStang - AKA "Thread-killer"

-- Anonymous99 (Anonymous99@Anonymous99.xxx), May 09, 1999.


-- Andy (2000EOD@prodigy.net), May 09, 1999.


Wow, that response is even more bizarre than what I expected. Guess the mention of Clinton just brings out the best in all of us!

-- @ (@@@.@), May 09, 1999.

Clinton has (with the help of Blair etc) created the worst world crisis since the Vietnam War, I suppose you "Democrats" don't give a toss

The US answer to world situations is "bomb the bastards" and who gives a shit about the consequences, look what happened in SE Asia

-- dick of the dale (rdale@coynet.com), May 10, 1999.

surely there's a present day "lee harvey oswald" around who could dispose of the bastard, Clinton has always likened himself to JFK lets hope history repeats itself

-- dick o' the dale (rdale@coynet.com), May 10, 1999.

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