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I just bought a Connectix QuickClip Video Capture Parallel Port Triangle for under $40. Does anyone know if it is worth $40? It says that it can capture avi at 15 frams/sec. Is that okay for making VCDs? Does it suck? What is a good capture card for making VCDs? Thanks for the help, Mike

-- Mike Cabusi (, May 08, 1999


It is good for your own Video Cds, but in real terms. A video CD has to be at 24 frames a second or more.(24 frames is PAL and 30 frames is NTSC). You should be able to use XING Mpeg Encoder to change the file to a *.dat(although XIng costs $250 US). You might have been better off getting a Snazzi board($230 US). The Snazzi can actually make a *.dat file on the fly(ie: when captured it is encoded). Also the Snazzi has connectors on the back for everything including STEREO SOUND(Snazzi is PCI internal so it is faster and less crash prone). Your toy is more than good enough for home movies.

-- Will Shakes (, May 09, 1999.

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