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I am interested in meeting pessimists and optimists, practical and intuitive. I imagine others are also interested in meeting up face to face-- not, however, for a duel. All weapons are to be left at home and the closest thing to a weapon I want to see for show and tell is a smile. Below is an abbreviated cut-paste of my invitation-response.

Let's gauge interest in this thread.

It's too easy to get your feathers ruffled, online. It's just too easy to misunderstand. It's hard to know a person by text alone. It's hard to treat a person decently when you are typing at the text. I have been typing for years now and have more hours logged than I care to admit. I think I have mastered this typing thing: trying to type to people and not typing at the text. I still make too many mistakes.

Not just in spelling and grammar.

I think a Northern Virginia meet is a good idea... as long as Mssrs. Arlin and Decker leave the irons and gloves at home. I'll wager this will clear up some confusions. It might even make friends of us all. Won't we be surprised to see one another face to face. The darling sweet college girl will meet the fat old man, etc. Whatever we look like and however loud our bark, we'll find some things in common.

Perhaps, we'll have humanity in common.

I can bring a muzzle and a choke chain if there's need for it. If they are all, indeed, gentleman and ladies, I am willing to take their word about having left their six shooters, derringers, and flap jacks at home. Of course, a roll of quarters for show and tell will be seen as suspicious. (grin) If these be, indeed, gentleman and ladies, I expect a fairly decent showing, a grand affair, and brilliant conversations.

I look forward to it.

Sincerely, Stan Faryna

P.S. If Ed Yourdon would like to join us, we might make it about the time he comes to give his testimony. What say you Ed? You can sell and sign some books while you're here. (laughing)

-- Stan Faryna (, May 08, 1999



I have enjoyed reading your posts. You're obviously a person of conviction, tempered with diplomacy. Rational dialog is often circumvented with amenities. I'm sure the host has almost as much to do with the outcome, as the participants. I am confident that you will supply a congenial, friendly and yet "open mic" party. I would enjoy attending and meeting you. I am however, still trying to figure out how to attend the FIELD HOSPITAL (not sure of the correct title) training posted here a couple of days ago. Just don't think I'll have the dough-re-me to get there. Laid off just now.

-- spun@lright (, May 08, 1999.

I'm reporting in from the beautiful Northern Shenandoah Valley, Stan. As one who sees each day as an adventure, I would most definitely be interested in meeting up with a few fellow Yourdonites.

My e-mail address is real. Give me a holler if I can be of assistance.

-- Bingo1 (, May 08, 1999.

I'd also like suggestions on a place where we happy few might smoke cigars, have a bartender on hand, some appetizers or plates of food, and be affordable to all. I was thinking of an old stone inn at the end of King's Street in Old Town Alexandria. Didn't Washington sleep there? I don't remember the name, but will check into it. Perhaps, Arlin and other D.C. Metropolitan locals might have better ideas.

-- Stan Faryna (, May 08, 1999.

Hi Stan,

sounds like an interesting idea. One possible venue would be one of the Lone Star steakhouses (I think there's one on Rt 236 ?near Rt 7, and there's another one on Rt 50 just west of I495 if I recall correctly). Anyway, as far as finding reasonable place that would probably allow cigar smoke, that's really all I can think of off the top of my head.


-- Arlin H. Adams (, May 08, 1999.

yo! Spun! if this is going to happen prior to the end of the month, you could crash on my livingroom floor - I live in a poor part of town, but it's a roof, and heat/airconditioning as appropriate.

just a thought,


-- Arlin H. Adams (, May 08, 1999.


Good idea! There are quite a few Yourdonites around here so I hope you get a number of responses.

Any location is fine with me. The e-mail address is real. Considering this is DeeCee, putting together a meeting should be second nature.

-- Mike Lang (, May 09, 1999.

i'ld like to come too. i live in Germantown, MD, north of Rockville off of 270, in case it's too small to know. my only input on place: 1) cheap, 2)i smoke (and, yes, i know what it can do to me).

-- sarah (, May 09, 1999.


Hailing from Central PA ... Sounds interesting... the e-mail is real (the name is not LOL) let me know if this flies !


-- WebRNot (, May 09, 1999.

I will be on my way down to South Carolina on Thursday, May 19 by car. Not sure that evening is very good for anyone but I could make a meeting that night.

-- BigDog (, May 09, 1999.

Big Dog, May 19 is on a Wednesday this year, and next year May 19 will be on a Friday. What's up with Thursday?

-- Junior (Junior@Duck.NC), May 09, 1999.


Depends on my schedule. Pick a day, time and place and email/post it. Sorry I don't have a suggestion, but out of principle I spend as little time in the greater DC metro area as possible.


Mr. Decker

-- Mr. Decker (, May 09, 1999.


MAY 19, WEDNESDAY 6-8pm Big Dog is passing through this area.

MAY 29, SATURDAY 12-6pm We can discuss the recent Testimony.

JUNE 26, SATURDAY 12-6pm Is the public getting panicky yet?

If May 19 is a bad day for you, please check your schedules for May 29th and June 26th. As for the Saturday times, I don't mean that the meeting has to go on from 2 to 6, just trying to leave some room for a good 2 or 3 hour slot. And yes, I will be bringing the Monte Cristos.

Sincerely, Stan Faryna

-- Stan Faryna (, May 09, 1999.

Stan, I may have said the 19th in my email but I MEANT Thursday. Hope that can happen. Or glad to get together with anyone who can.

-- BigDog (, May 09, 1999.


Monte Cristos! Not only are you a gentleman & a scholar, but a conoisseur as well!

My 1st choice - MAY 29, SATURDAY

My 2nd choice - JUNE 26, SATURDAY

-- Bingo1 (, May 09, 1999.

any of the above work for me.


-- Arlin H. Adams (, May 09, 1999.

If it's within the next two weeks, I'm coming.

Arlin, floor works for me. Got space?


-- Critt Jarvis (, May 09, 1999.


the place is a disaster as I'm preparing to move AND get married at the same time...and I never was that much on housekeeping, but yeah no problem.


-- Arlin H. Adams (, May 09, 1999.


First, I think you have a good idea... but in catching up on my post- weekend reading, I wonder if all of your "guests" will behave. After the past week, I think I can safely claim my place in the EY Forum "Personal Attack" Hall of Fame. Thanks to Chuck, the Night Driver, and his signature edition Nomex PJs, I have emerged unscathed.

You understand, of course, that I have no desire to experience such ill manners or ill tempers in person. Perhaps you can make the ground rules quite clear... and agree to enforce them. I, for one, will promise to behave in a civil manner... although I prefer Ramon Allones over Monte Cristos and will bring extras, if you'd like to sample one.


-- Mr. Decker (, May 09, 1999.

saturdays are generally not good (i sell cars -- yeah, yeah, yeah), but pick a time/date and i tell my manager i can't make it. i think i may be coming down with something (HACK).

-- sarah (, May 09, 1999.


sometimes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of whatever...considering that this is DC, and considering that we're arranging this all via this board, and considering that at least some of us have, from time to time, noted the occaisional odd observer I would recommend that at least one other person besides myself bring a *cased* video camera to the event (Stan, or somebody, can verify what's in the case is in fact a camera). Camera stays in the case unless/until everybody agrees for a group shot and/or things get odd. Always best to have more than one camera in these sorts of situations, just in case.



-- Arlin H. Adams (, May 09, 1999.

Arlin --- good idea about the camera. Let me know whether next Thursday is possible ....... Stan, can you poll the participants?

-- BigDog (, May 10, 1999.

All i need to know is when and where...

I'm okay with overt recording .


-- Critt Jarvis (, May 10, 1999.

Would love to participate, but can't be around smoke because of asthma. Keep me posted on how the meeting goes!

-- Libby Alexander (, May 10, 1999.

B.D. - yeah, thursday works for me.

-- Arlin H. Adams (, May 10, 1999.

thursday and camera are good. where we gonna go?

-- sarah (, May 10, 1999.

It seems we have in common a taste for decent cigars. I have not been to a Lone Star Steakhouse, but Arlin suggests that cigars are accepted. Ruth Chris often has a smoker's lounge, as well. If there is a Lone Star on 50 west of 495, it would receive my vote.


-- Mr. Decker (, May 10, 1999.


MAY 20, THURSDAY 6-8pm Big Dog is passing through this area.

MAY 29, SATURDAY 12-6pm We can discuss the recent Testimony.

I think that we have narrowed it down to two dates or possibly two meetings. Anyone who would like to meet up with Big Dog can email me; I also hope to meet with him on Thursday, May 20th. It seems best that we coordinate a location through me and my email address. I will also try to have a map drawn up that can be faxed or downloaded as a PDF file. I'll let you know the download page URL in a private email. If you would like this information to be public, we can discuss this.

Personally, I'd prefer not to have a media camera crew or reporter waiting for us to show up. But others may feel differently and I'm willing to keep an open mind about such possibilities. Personal cameras and video recorders are fine by me. I am willing to inspect containers in the parking lot of where ever we meet. I could bring a geiger counter (laughing) for those who might pose a nuclear threat, but I'd prefer to leave it at home.

Finally, I will make a new post regarding these two possible events. I would greatly appreciate talk about "concerns" be kept on this thread as I think such premature cautions and "sniffing" may turn people off from meeting up and getting to know the many kind, gentle, and caring people that will be in attendance. In order for me to keep in contact with everyone, I would appreciate their home and work phone number (send as private email). You'll get mine.

Sincerely, Stan Faryna

-- Stan Faryna (, May 10, 1999.

The need for words and/or images to be recorded at these supposedly friendly gatherings has me stumped, quite frankly. I appreciate the honesty, Arlin, as I know you could quite easily do so covertly. The fact that all are so easily accepting of your request for audio/video documentation leads me to conclude I'm out of the loop on something. Perhaps one of you could enlighten me.

-- Bingo1 (, May 10, 1999.

Hi Bingo,

the reason to have one or more video cameras is most assuredly NOT to take pictures of each other's shining faces. Consider: in the past, some of my associates, and others, have noted that there have been on occaision attempts to cause disruptions of publicly advertised peaceful get-togethers; said attempts being made by people who 'just happen' to be in the area, and are in no way connected with any of the meeting.

The sorts of poeple who make such attempts would *want* to start a fight or other disturbance, which might be used to discredit the participants in our little get together. On the other hand the sorts of people who make such attempts generally do NOT like to have their faces and activities recorded on videotape for posterity...or more correctly for world wide publication via one or more websites.

Now you're probably saying to yourself 'but hey, it's just a buncha folks getting from the yourdon webboard getting together for a steak and a brewski', and you're right.

However consider it from this perspective: a number of known y2k activists, including several dissidents who are on public record on the internet as having made disparaging remarks concerning various high ranking members of the current federal administration, are meeting with an internationally known figure in the militia movement, all within 15 miles of Washington DC.

kinda puts a different spin on it, doesn't it? and *that* is why it would be good to have several of us ready to record any unusual run- ins we might have with people who 'just happen to be in the same restaraunt'.

does that help any? Arlin

-- Arlin H. Adams (, May 10, 1999.

whoops, almost forgot:

the Lone Star in Fairfax Va is on Route 50. The address is: 9738 Lee Highway, but just get off 495 going west on Route 50 (it's called Arlington Blvd at that point) and keep watching to your'll be a couple of miles but eventually you'll see it. I'll double check on with them tomorrow on smoking cigars, but I'm reasonably certain it's okay.

I know that Ruth's Chris allows cigars, but the only one I know of is is up in one of the inner Maryland burbs and will be impossible for most of us to reach during rush hour.


-- Arlin H. Adams (, May 11, 1999.

Like Libby, I too am not able to be around cigarette smoke -- much less cigar smoke! -- for health reasons. Is there no possibility of getting together without smoking? Must those of us who have health related problems that are aggravated by smoking be excluded from this gathering?

-- Steve in Fairfax (123@4567.890), May 11, 1999.

would love to come, but I will be on a much-needed vacation from May 19-31. If you do it after that, count me in... scott

-- Scott Johnson (, May 11, 1999.

Enjoy the fun guys - wish I could be there.

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, May 11, 1999.



MAY 20, THURSDAY 6-8pm. Big Dog is passing through this area and a happy few people from up and down the East Coast hope to meet up with him. Cigarette smoking at a bar side or in a smoking room is likely, but not at the table. Instead of cigars, Stan will bring a dozen or so of the Utne Y2K Citizen Action Guides so that you can scare your family and neighbors. (grin)

MAY 29, SATURDAY 12-6pm. We can all discuss the recent Testimony and, perhaps, have show and tell on portable preps-- if there is interest. A number of Monte Cristos cigars will be provided by Stan and smoked at the table. If you're lucky, you may get to bring home a cigar too.

DRESS CODE: Casual. Virginia law requires shoes and shirts to be worn in restaurants. No weapons are allowed-- concealed or otherwise.(grin)

COST: Approximately $US 6 for an appetizer and $US 10 to $US 25 per meal/person (depending on how hungry you are). A menu will be provided as soon as we decide on the restaraunt.

LOCATION: To be determined shortly. An address, phone number, and map will be provided by email or as downloadable/printable PDF document to all persons who have provided Stan Faryna with their work and home phone number. The phone numbers will be confirmed before information is given out.

REQUIREMENTS: Friendly smile, good conversation, and having contacted Stan by email ( and given him your confirmable phone numbers.

SPECIAL NEEDS: Baby sitting can be arranged at the restaurant, but no one has contacted Stan about this. Disabled access should not be a problem, but Stan will check this out when the restaurant choice is narrowed.


Sincerely, Stan Faryna

-- Stan Faryna (, May 12, 1999.

Thank you for the information - Sir Stan of the Farseeing and Forsighted.

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, May 12, 1999.

For those who haven't seen this yet - to the top!

-- Bingo1 (, May 13, 1999.

Hi folks!

Well, we're two days away from our first D.C. gathering - or maybe not. Anybody have info on finalized plans?

-- Bingo1 (, May 18, 1999.

to the top...

-- steve (, May 18, 1999.

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