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I woke up this morning wondering whether the request that I posted in the Need help in preparing Senate testimony thread would have been noticed by anyone....

I was overwhelmed with both the quantity and the quality (not to mention the civility!) of the responses. I also got a number of private emails from people who had important things to communicate, but which they didn't want to post on the public forum.

I'm trying to organize and digest all of these good ideas -- keep 'em coming, and please continue to post them on the original thread. I'll organize and summarize the most important themes running through all of your comments, and will try to post them in the next day or two.

Thanks again Nathan, Kevin, Night Driver, Andy, Mike, A.P., Brian, CT, marsh, FLAMES AWAY, Art, Brett, FM, Tennessean, greg, De, Bill, Will continue, Roland, Taz, PJ, Ron, Mr. Decker, Gordon, Rob, dr don, pshannon, GEEgee, a, Big Dog, and all the people who sent me private email.


-- Ed Yourdon (, May 08, 1999


You are most welcome Mr. Yourdon.

See, we can act like grownups if given the opportunity! :)

I gave your help request to a dear friend (a wonderful "salt of the earth" type of woman) who only knows what "she reads in the papers," regarding Y2K, and she's promised she will provide her input so that I may post it on her behalf. I will do so as soon as I receive it. That will give you some perspective from a middle class mother of three, who is not on the "net."


-- FM (, May 08, 1999.


Sent around a few "e's" too. -- Diane

This was just sent around on Steve Daviss civicprep list (Coalition 2000) ...

Just want to let everyone know that I am in contact with the Committee and will make sure that they have a full understanding about what we are about and up to and that they are aware of the good deeds and tools that you have all contributed. I have also talked with FEMA and the President's Council recently about the preparedness message (vs the 3-day storm) issues and can report they are receptive and positive about getting the preparedness message out. I think we have forged a good relationship and will be able to have a positive influence on what we do as a nation.

Stay tuned for more news soon.

Best ...
Steve Davis

Sent on same message by someone else ( -- ...

I met with Wilke Green, the Minority Staff Director for the Senate Y2K committee last week. He mentioned that the Senate Y2K Committee will be holding hearings on individual prepareness for Y2K in the next couple of weeks, and that they were still looking for witnesses to testify.

The phone number for the Senate Y2K Committee is 202-224-5224. The staffperson coordinating this is Tania Calhoon.

I hope you'll consider offering your testimony, or passing this on to someone who you feel would represent the urgency and opportunity to build community not crises around Y2K.

Critt Jarvis pointed out on the Coalition 2000 listserve a website on which Ed Yourdon indicates he will be testifying. I respect and support Ed's view why Y2K will not be just a 3 day snowstorm. Here is what Ed says about testifying. You can click on the hyperlink below to go to his website, where he is collecting input from people. ... 000o2K

-- Diane J. Squire (, May 10, 1999.

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