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I am thinking about buying a Dejur 4x5 enlarger w/ cold light and was wondering if anyone knows anything about these. It also comes with an Ilex 5.5 inch lens. Anyone care to comment?

-- Ken Dunn (, May 08, 1999



I have and use a De Jur 4x5 enlarger, though it has a condenser head. I don't like it much, but it's all I have so I use it. The problem is that it is incredibly flimsy. Perhaps the model you are looking at is different, but mine has a single metal post/pipe holding the very heavy head mechanism. When somebody shuts a door a block and a half away it vibrates. Also, everything is adjustable (you can tilt the lens plane in all directions) which is no good at all for a klutz like me because I constantly knock the thing out of alignment.

-- Erik Ryberg (, May 08, 1999.

Hi Ken, I have an Ilex 5" taking lens. It was basically given to me. It's made out of glass; I can recomend it that far. I did take a couple of my favorite pictures with it. Wide open it produces a real nice dreamy looking photograph that it is so hard to achieve with today's lenses. Avoid back-lit situations if you decide to use it for taking. Good luck.

-- david clark (, May 09, 1999.

Ken, I have two DeJur enlargers. One for 35mm to 2x3 and one for 35mm up to 4x5. They were very good enlargers in the 40's and 50's but if it costs anymore than $100 for the lens and enlarger save your money for a better setup. I used them for quite a while and if you're careful and precise they will serve you well. But they can be very frustrating also. Look at it very carefully before you buy it. Keep us informed.

-- lumberjack (, May 09, 1999.

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