Spring 1999 Mentoring--Grade Proposal

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Spring 1999 Mentoring-- Grade Proposal

-- Anonymous, May 07, 1999


Tutoring/Mentoring Wrap Up

As the end of the 1998-99 school year approaches, so does the tutoring/mentoring segment of the Wrap Around program at Falls Elementary. Ive already begun assessing whether my goals for the program were met and I also did some checking to see how successful the program actually was. Among the initial goals of the Wrap Around program, the most important one for the tutoring/mentoring segment was to provide academic support to at-risk elementary students. After talking to the chairperson, I found that these goals definitely were met, and that they actually surpassed what everyone initially thought possible. Teachers, administrators, and parents have all been very supportive, and expressed how pleased they are with the results of the program. Also, the fact that the program was always filled to the maximum, with a list of students waiting to get in, adds to the programs success.

As I met individually with my students classroom teachers, I found that there was a consensus among them, that most of the students involved with the program, showed significant improvement in several areas. The areas most noted were academic and organizational skills, and there was also a noticed improvement in each students level of self-esteem over the course of the year.

Many parents have expressed how happy they are with the program for several reasons. Among the many problems parents and their children were experiencing, power struggles was one of the worst. These struggles involved situations relating to both school and home life. Most of the parents are now crediting the Wrap Around program for being a tremendous help and relief in their lives. For the first time, in a long time, both child and parent are able to work out their problems easier and are able to maintain a more stable home environment.

Ive also discovered that the Wrap Around program has been so successful, it will definitely be around next year. In fact, most parents are already asking about next year and trying to assure that their child gets an opening. Hopefully, if there is more funding available, the program will be able to expand and allow more students into it.

In addition to the regular school program, there is also a summer segment of Wrap Around. When the program was originally started last summer, the only students who were eligible, were students who fit the mental health criteria. This summer, Wrap Around hopes to include students who are, also, at-risk academically. In addition to the programs regular components, the summer segment also includes a summer camp and a flex fund. This is a fund which can be used to buy materials that students might need, such as camping supplies, clothing, or whatever the necessity is. The program will run for about six weeks and consist of two groups. The goal this summer is for Wrap Around to become more comprehensive, and serve the whole learner, by providing academic, recreational, and social services. There are also weekly field trips planned, so the students get as much cultural exposure as possible. Overall, the summer program is designed to give eligible students any additional support they need.

I have really enjoyed being involved with the Wrap Around program this year. I feel that all my goals and expectations for the program have all been met. To have each student improve in their problem areas, and feel better about themselves, is all that I could ask for. Maybe with the additional friendships, and the support they get from this program, these students wont always be labeled at-risk, and will be able to lead normal, healthy lives someday. Overall, this has been a great year!

-- Anonymous, May 07, 1999

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