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Hi All,

Craig ( complimented Y2KPro on his "Cult of Death" appelation to doombrooders by saying:

"Y2K Pro....... You have uttered the secret name....Cult of Death........ You have revealed their deepest darkest secret...... "

But if you look carefully, it's the broomdoods who are the Cult of Death, while the doomers advocate staying alive through contingency preparations.

To me it seems as though Pollys WANT PEOPLE TO DIE or not be able to take care of themselves. By making light of individual preparations and downplaying the lack of gov't and industry Y2K compliance, Pollys as a group are setting up our society for a giant meltdown -- BECAUSE OF THIS POLLYS ARE THE TRUE DOOMBROOD.

-- Dean -- from (almost) Duh Moines (, May 07, 1999


I don't think that they WANT to die,but it seems that they'd rather die than take responsibility for their own lives.WELFARE STATE OR DEATH!


The key word is balance........surely there will be problems, some of them large. But prudent preparations are the order of the day. The Cult of Death is an appropriate monicker for some of the 'we're all going to die' crowd. Granted, the numbers of that group appear to be diminishing finally.

Don't assume that just because some of us don't want to go Milne and North that we don't expect any's only the magnitude of the problems that we see differently. still are not one with the spoon.......but do not despair.....the spoon knows your shortcomings and is compassionate....the spoon shall bend when your mind finally accepts the goodness of the spoon and truly believes it can bend. Do not attempt to control the spoon, nay, but rather love the spoon and it will bend in gratitude........"Give them food, and they shall eat a meal-------Give them knowledge of the spoon and they shall truly be benders of great joy."

-- Craig (, May 07, 1999.


What you say would make sense if you could demonstrate, with any certainty, that there would be major disruptions next year.

We're IN Y2K NOW. Nothing really bad is happening.

According to Steve Hewitt, 88% of Y2K will have already occurred by January 1, 2000. We're IN Y2K NOW.

-- Stephen M. Poole, CET (, May 08, 1999.

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