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You are not listing the type of offering that my company offers. We are offering Llama pack trips and all you list is horse pack trips. this will not accurately describe our activity. Can you add this activity? We also will be offering Yak pack trips, yes using Tibetian yaks in the USA, will you be able to list them as well??

-- Anonymous, May 07, 1999



We're always open to new suggestions about adding activities. However, it's important to remember that the activities you choose to describe your trip are the same activities that travelers will use to find your trips. We don't want travelers to have to look through a list of 100 activities to find what they want. We've tried to make the list as short as possible, while capturing as many different kinds of activities as we can.

As an operator, it's important to you that your trips are listed under activities that people will search for. In this case, my suggestion would be to list your trip as a trekking trip. If we create an activity for "Yak trips" then you will only get leads from travelers who come to the site looking for yak trips. But I think that you really want to go after a broader audience, namely people who are interested in trekking. When they do a search for trekking, they will see that your trips are unique because they involve yaks or llamas.

The reality is that if we add an activity for every specific thing that every operator does, the list of activities will be huge. And if the list is huge, then travelers won't bother to look through it, and no one will get any leads.

If you still think we should add llama trips, please feel free to contact me or Andreas ( Our ultimate goal is to provide the best service we can to our operators, and if you strongly feel that we can best do this by adding more activities, we will certainly be willing to further discuss it with you.

Once again, thanks for choosing


-- Anonymous, May 07, 1999

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