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When you slip the strait-jacket back on, people will just want to free themselves of it again. No change has been made.

There is some truth to that article. The answer to "why" is indeed discipline. This society teaches that we have no self-control. It softens the blow for the decadent by saying "you can't stop without help". Our freedom is hidden from us behind prescription drugs, status symbols, psychiatrists, excessive sexuality, illegal and legal drug abuse, special interest groups and conspiricies.

But a self-diciplined person is impossible to control.

Funny how the elite spends billions to teach us that we are out of control, then we spend millions to figure out how to get back in control.


If you can't relate this to Y2K, I appo

-- typhonblue (, May 06, 1999


Thanks typhonblue, for the reply. I truely believe that there are many reasons for the Nation's problems with morality at the beginning of the list. People have found an easy out for their "base" or carnal desires and have let themselves become lazy about personal moral standards, and then lose control of themselves. You are right. Those who are out of control will be a tremendous problem when Y2K comes. Those who are in control are the only ones who are free.

The whole subject is too complex, too many in's and out's and intertwined variables for my over taxed mind to deal with this morning:) It is all too sad. I think I am on the verge of burnout and need some time off.

-- winna (??@??.com), May 07, 1999.

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