Spring 99' Grading Contract, $25,000 Grant Proposal for the Hunger Coalition

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Please feel free to request a hard copy of this grant proposal as the form was not able to reproduced accurately in this programming. Karen CHILDRENS__________________________________________________ OPPORTUNITIES_ _________________________________________________ GRANTS_

______________________________________________________ Application Form

Check the appropriate box to indicate type of grant and then complete the applicant information.

 ROTARY CLUB/DISTRICT International Falls, Minnesota 5580

Sponsoring club name District  INTERACT CLUB _______________________ __________________________ ______

Interact club name Sponsoring Rotary Club District  ROTARACT CLUB _______________________ ______

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District Application for: (please choose one)

 Childrens Opportunities Grant

 Supplemental Grant (Project # of successfully completed Matching or 3-H Grant __________ )

 Bonus Grant* (maximum US$50,000)

The completed application must be signed by the district governor, project contact and also the club President, if appropriate. Add sheets of paper if more space is needed.

*Requests for the Childrens Opportunities Bonus must be attached to the regular Matching Grant application form. If applying for a Bonus Grant, Complete only the sections marked with an asterisk.

Project location International Falls, Minnesota District 5580 . Project description Title  Rotary Fruit Bucks For Healthy Kids. A new educational and provisional program for supplying fresh produce and nutritional information to low income families with young children

. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Project start date March 1, 1999 Estimated completion date April 30, 2000 .

*Describe how the project directly benefits children At the present, the local Food Shelf supplies low income families only with canned and packaged foods. Using monthly Rotary vouchers, users will be able to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables from the two local grocery stores. Educational materials, including nutrition tips . and kid-friendly fresh produce recipes, will be provided with the vouchers. Children directly benefit from their familys increased knowledge in menu planning, using the Rotary provided fresh fruits and vegetables.

Describe the methods for achieving the project objectives Establish bank account with received grant monies, then at the beginning of each month supply the Food Shelf with approximately 2,000 vouchers and the monies to cover the fresh produce grocery purchases. Instruction will be given to the Food Shelf personnel as well as the grocery stores on the administration of the program. Two-page handouts will be supplied to the Food Shelf containing nutritional tips and recipes for fresh produce. The Food Shelf will pass this information along to the 727 families with children it serves.

. Describe the anticipated participation, both financial and personal, by Rotarians in this project (Clubs initiating projects in a country other than their own must also describe significant involvement by Rotarians in the project country)

Rotarian Dick Swanson (Financial Planner, Grocery Manager  20 years, Grocery Regional Manager  15 years, Food Shelf Board member, Rotary Board member, Intl Falls Citizen of the Year - 1998-99) will . coordinate all mechanics of financial arrangements between Rotary/Food Shelf/grocery stores, as well as bank account and record-keeping.

Rotarian Karen Rigdon (Rotary Assistant District Governor area 11 district 5580, Rotary Board member, Rotary Food Shelf Liaison) {CONTINUED ON ATTACHED PAGE}

* Primary Contact Name (Print) Karen S. Rigdon

* Signature . Rotary Position/Title District 5580 Area 11 Assistant District Governor, Board Member, Food Shelf Liaison

Address 4879 Highway 11 International Falls MN 56649 USA

street address city state postal code country Telephone 218-283-9021 218-285-5322

home office Fax 218-285-5691 E-mail dbrigdon@northwinds.net

. Project Committee: A committee of at least three individuals (including primary contact listed above) Must be established to coordinate the project locally, monitor funds and provide financial accounting to The Rotary Foundation.

Committee Member Name: Dick Swanson (Financial Planning) Rotary Position/Title: Board Member

Committee Member Name: Nancy McHarg (Public Health Nurse) Rotary Position/Title: Food Shelf Comm

Cooperating Organization Name: Falls Hunger Coalition / Food Shelf & University of MN Extension Service

Please indicate name of organization, if any, and attach a separate sheet describing its objectives and level of involvement in the project.

*Describe how this project will be identified as a Rotary project The Rotary Fruit Bucks for Healthy Kids . Project will be identified with the Rotary Emblem and name being printed on all vouchers, instruction sheets, and educational materials distributed as part of the program. Also there will be publicity in the local newspaper identifying the new program as a Rotary project.

Estimate of all costs involved in the project: (Pro Forma Invoices may be requested)

Item Description Cost 24,000 vouchers (pre-numbered) $37.50 per 1,000 $ 900.00

camera-ready 1,500 pieces (X 12 months) $55.00 per month $ 660.00

Funds to support vouchers $23,440.00

AUTHORIZING SIGNATURES: The sponsoring Rotary Club must sign and the District Governor must approve and sign all applications whether club or district sponsored. NOTE: Also requires signature of the Primary Contact (see above).

All Rotary clubs/districts involved in this project are responsible to The Rotary Foundation for the conduct of the project and for the reporting on it. The signature on the application confirms that the sponsors understand and accept the responsibility. As club president/district governor of International Falls, MN, USA (club name or district number), I hereby affirm that all information included in this application is true and accurate, to the best of my knowledge.

_________________________________________________________________________________________ Club President Name (please print or type) Signature Date _________________________________________________________________________________________ * District Governor Name (please print or type) Signature Date

Send this application to: Childrens Opportunities, Humanitarian Grants Section The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International

One Rotary Center 1560 Sherman Avenue Evanston, IL 60201 USA FAX: 847-328-8554

{Anticipated participation continued from bottom of page 1}

 will have vouchers designed and printed,

 will disperse vouchers to Food Shelf at the beginning of each month, except for local harvest month (August)

 will coordinate and aid in making and formatting monthly two page handouts with nutritional tips and recipes,

 will have instructions printed and delivered to grocery stores and Food Shelf on how to use the fresh produce vouchers, and

 will provide information and/or write article for local newspaper on the received grant and the new Rotary Childrens Opportunity Program.

I, Karen Rigdon, as a cancer survivor have become aware of the paramount importance of fruits and vegetables in the role of health. The phyto-chemicals contained in fresh produce help prevent numerous diseases. Low-income families in our area are afforded fresh produce only during the one harvest month of August in this northern climate with its stunted growing season. Research shows that at least five servings of fruits and vegetables should be eaten daily. It is imperative that this program fills in the missing link in a healthy food supply for the poor children in the International Falls area.

Rotarian Nancy McHarg (public health nurse) will assist in compiling educational handouts in collaboration with Marybeth Jacob of the Minnesota Extension Service.

Rotarian Marybeth Tuohy (Director of Community Education, Rotary Board member) will head the evaluation survey and carry through the team, including the three Rotarians listed above.

International Falls Hunger Coalition (Food Shelf)

 The mission of the Falls Hunger Coalition is to alleviate emergency hunger situations in Koochiching County and to advance clients to a position of self-reliance through networking and referral to existing services and the development of services not available elsewhere.

 The involvement of the Falls Hunger Coalition includes distribution of the Rotary Fruit Bucks for Healthy Kids and the educational materials. They will also retain used vouchers for documentation purposes and refund the grocery stores for the vouchers cashed in.

University of Minnesota Extension Service

 The mission of the University of Minnesota Extension Service is to involve people in improving the quality of life, and enhancing the economy and environment through education, applied research and other resources of the University of Minnesota.

 The involvement of the Extension Service is to assist Rotarians in the development of educational handouts concerning the value of fresh produce in childrens diets.

-- Anonymous, May 06, 1999

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