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Hello, I am just looking to buy some Grey Knight Terminators, and would like to know if anyone has some they would like to sell. If so please e-mail me at the aboce address.

Thank you,


-- Chester J. Q-Cumber (chuckndrew@hotmail.com), May 06, 1999


I've got one squad of Grey Knights, and you aint getting them!

Anyway, i've modled them quite a bit but i haven't painted them, i'm waiting till i'm good enough to do them justice.

P.S. dont mail the address because its a mates of mine.

-- Henry DeWitt (ollie.underdown@allen&overy.com), May 17, 1999.

Hi. Try phoning Games Workshop mail order on (0115) 91 40000 if you are a UK resident. There are 3 older models available that are actually Grey Knights, or there is the old Librarian model (which I personally prefer and have several of) which serves just as well. The codes and descriptions are below:

Grey Knight body 1 070204/2 Grey Knight body 2 0702043/5 Grey Knight body 3 0702043/6 Librarian body RTB/6

Grey Knight Right arm 1 070204/1 Grey Knight Right arm 2 070243/7 Grey Knight Right arm 3 070243/8

Grey Knight Left arm 1 070204/3 Grey Knight Left arm 2 070243/9 (will take shield) Grey Knight Left arm 3 070243/10 (will take shield)

Nemesis Force Halberd 070204/4 Nemesis Force Great Sword 070243/11

Shield 1 070243/13 Shield 2 RTB9/15 Shield 3 RTB9/16

Hope this helps. :)

-- Andy Coe (andy.coe@cwcom.net), September 02, 1999.

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