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relevant quote:

"In a country where computers are so scarce that bank statements are still typed up by hand, and power blackouts are already common, the usual Y2K hysteria does not apply.

``Fortunately Cambodia is a low-risk country compared with Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore,'' said a foreign banker. Most business at state institutions was still done manually, he said.

``The computerized systems they've got are minimal, they even type out statements at the end of the month.

``Everything is done manually. Clearing systems -- it's all done manually,'' said the banker who declined to be identified.

``Power and telecommunications are areas that are going to cause some concern, but everyone is used to blackouts, so most people have generators,'' he added.

The Y2K problem arises because of a programming short-cut which may trick older computers and software into treating the year 2000 as 1900, triggering system crashes.

Cambodia's Civil Aviation Authority said steps were being taken to prepare for the Y2K bug, but major problems were not expected because so few computers were used.

``We're planning to set up back-up equipment for air traffic control by July,'' said aeronautical information service manager at the authority, Chhun Sivorn.

``But most equipment in Cambodia does not use computers. We don't have radar. Y2K is not a main problem for civil aviation in Cambodia,'' he told Reuters"

-- Arlin H. Adams (, May 06, 1999


As long as they don't rely on other countries for imports or exports, they may see few changes next year. I wonder where the gasoline for those generators comes from, though...

-- Doug (, May 06, 1999.

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