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The thesis proposal that I would like to research for completion of the Masters Degree from UMD centers on studying the musical organizations that have been in International Falls during the last 50 years. The year amount, 50 years, I have not finalized because the time period will depend on the amount of material available to me. The sources I will use for the thesis are interviews with elderly people still living in the area that have association with and knowledge of past musical organizations, the local newspaper called The Daily Journal, the Koochiching County Museum, Falls Public Library, Rainy River Junior College Library, Falls High School annuals, the International Falls Chamber of Commerce, Rainy Lake Orchestra records, Border Concert Association records, Tuesday Musicale records, other cultural organizations and local churches. The research will be in the number of music organizations that have existed over a time period and the types of organizations compared to the present time. Two things that I hope the thesis will accomplish is, one, to provide a record of local music organizations and two, that the reader will see that International Falls does and always has had an artistic, cultural side. The beautiful Northern Minnesota lakes and forests, which are known for their excellent outdoor activities and sports, have also united, inspired and encouraged artists.

-- Anonymous, May 05, 1999

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