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The Falls High School music and art department organized a day of concerts and an art to be held at the Backus Auditorium. The day was called a Celebration of Success, to culminate the musical and artistic successes of the year. The teachers involved in the planning were the two art teachers, Debbie Ciminski and Nancy Biondich, and the two music teachers, Paul Brownlow and Donna Frederickson. The four teachers met periodically throughout the year planning the event and they also met with school administration, support staff and the local CAPP committee to finalize the plans. The local newspaper, The Daily Journal, gave the Celebration great publicity before and after the event. The art people had to secure display cases, easels and display areas and set them up on the preceding day. Letters were sent home to families of students involved inviting their attendance and public notice was in the school and town papers. The musical concerts and art show began at noon on April 19, 1999, and continued into the evening. The afternoon began with the Falls Junior High band and choir performing a concert. The students involved in solos and ensembles performed next. In the evening the Falls High School band, jazz band, SATB concert choir, womens choir and swing choir performed. The day was deemed a success and involved 400 students, grades 7-12.

-- Anonymous, May 05, 1999

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