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The time of this event is 0800 EST.

Reply-To: BugNetwork Editor Subject: Live speaker on the BugNetwork 6th May 1999 1300 BST Date: Wed, 5 May 1999 18:08:57 +0100 (BST) From: (BugNetwork Editor )

This Thursday 6th May at 1300 BST, Liz Allen, Manager of PR at Action 2000, the British Government financed company dealing with the Millennium Bug problem will be talking live at the BugNetwork on communications and PR strategies for the year 2000 issue. If you would like to email her live, or submit questions to her before the interview, you can do so on the BugNetwork site at

The interview will be conducted by John Ivinson, Vice President of Professional and Public Affairs at the British Computer Society and Consultant to Action 2000.

To access the conferences users will need to have an audio plug-in. RealNetworks Audio Player can be downloaded from the site.

To ask questions in advance please go to the specific speaker of your interest in the site and register on the Bulletin Board. Alternatively you can send your questions live during the interview for the speaker to answer on line.

For any further information contact the site editor Mark Mitchinson at

-- Old Git (, May 05, 1999

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