Kodak DC260 and New DC265

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I an a very happy owner of the Kodak DC260 and now am reading about all the cool improvements in the new DC265.

Will the DC260 be able to have it's firmware updated to have some or ALL of the new features offered in the new DC265 or is the internal design of the Dc265 a lot different?

Thanks....Regards, Tas

-- Tas Melenchuk (lmmelenchuk@west.raytheon.com), May 05, 1999


Hi Tas, At present, we've determined that there are two major differences in the DC265 that make it impossible (said with serious sadness) to update a DC260. The first is a different internal processor. It's 2x faster, and the second is the inclusion of 3x more working memory. This means that the LCD display refresh, the burst mode (7 full res pictures), and the supermode (less compression) are unavailable to the DC260 user. It's still unknown at this point if Kodak is planning some sort up firmware upgrade to improve on DC260 performance. We keep hearing rumors...

By the way, if you need to add filters, lenses, etc to your DC260 check out http://www.photosolve.com (you may have noticed Xtend-a-Lens(tm) in the DC265 review!) Best, Phil Williams

-- Phil Williams (phil.williams@corp.sun.com), May 06, 1999.

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