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Are you addicted to this forum? Do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night only to jump on the computer and mouse your way to this sight? Do you find that you are more paranoid now and you think in only negatives instead of positives? Do you become frustrated with friends and family because they don't see things the way you think they should? If Y2K has totally consumed you, I challenge you to disconnect from the internet, don't listen to the news on TV or radio for one month. You will find that things aren't nearly as bad as you think they are. I'm glad I have my life and social life back.

-- lolly dolly (lolly@lolly.com), May 05, 1999


Buddy, thought you'd broken the addiction...or were going to try?

-- hey (hi@guy.hola), May 05, 1999.

yes, i find sticking my head in the sand very comforting.

of course, it's not very productive . . . .

-- Cowardly Lion (cl0001@hotmail.com), May 05, 1999.

Hey, the folks in OKC took an unexpected break from their usual routine. Hhmm, lookee what's being found:

[ For Educational Purposes Only ]

Emergency workers collecting numerous guns in tornado wreckage

5/5/99 -- 3:06 PM

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Amid the ruins of Carlos Porcadas' home lay a lever-action .30-.30 caliber hunting rifle in a padded camouflage case.

``That's not mine,'' said the postal carrier, whose two daughters played nearby under his wife's supervision. ``I don't even hunt.'' The gun, he said, literally fell from the sky.

Police in communities along the path of the tornado are finding numerous guns in the debris left after Monday's devastating twisters.

That guns were present in many of the houses destroyed is not unusual in Oklahoma, which has an estimated 1.1 million gun owners and issued 286,117 hunting licenses last year. But so many guns lying around in the open, available to just about anyone, is both unusual and reason for concern.

By Wednesday morning, Oklahoma City police had taken possession of 41 guns that had been found by searchers looking for survivors.

``If we find them we secure them,'' Capt. Charles Allen said. ``We have a moral responsibility to secure those so that they don't fall into the wrong hands or somebody trip on them or pick one up and it go off accidentally.''

He said police will work with residents to try to return lost guns to their owners.

Del City police Sgt. Jody Suit said officers in that suburb have turned in 18 firearms so far, including pistols, shotguns and rifles.

A man who refused to give his name pestered Del City police about checking on his house, which was in an area closed to the public for safety reasons, until an officer agreed to escort him to the site Tuesday. Once there, the first thing he looked for was his Ruger handgun.

``I had a real good pistol,'' he told an officer. ``I wouldn't want it to fall in the wrong hands.''
Funny how many folks is arming themselves gainst the unknown. Theys wants their life & social life back too. But surprise! the unexpected happened, and things aren't nearly as good as they thought.

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-- Leska (allaha@earthlink.net), May 05, 1999.

Lolly said, "You will find that things aren't nearly as bad as you think they are."

Are you saying the bad things will stop existing if you stop thinking about them? This is emotionally driven solipsism, Lolly. Take a break and things will be different? "Things" outside me have a mind- independent existence and will progress toward their nasty Y2K ends, apart from my thoughts.

-- Prometheus (fire@for.man), May 05, 1999.


I think that Lolly is talking about something else... namely, being dysfunctional. If Lolly can't deal with Y2K in a reasonable manner, then Lolly may need therapy. Gripped by irrational fears, obsessing over the latest thread, and apparently depressed, Lolly may need to consider that the problem is neither this forum, its members, nor Y2K.

Prometheus, you seem to be well educated. I have enjoyed some of your comments elsewhere. Sometimes, your words are like a flash of lightning in a summer cloud. I understand the urgency in your writing, but some patience may be required. Sometimes, gentleness too.

Sincerely, Stan Faryna

-- Stan Faryna (info@giglobal.com), May 05, 1999.

this forum is for thinking and conversing,not doing.the doing is what's important not chatting here.are you prepairing?got beans?if you're doing what ya gotta do,then this is optional(but fun and informative)

-- zoobie (zoobiezoob@yahoo.com), May 06, 1999.

Stan, you nailed me. I tend to be impatient and brusque, and am always battling this aspect of my personality. Lolly, please forgive me for my harshness.

-- Prometheus (fire@for.man), May 06, 1999.

Oh, Zoobie, have I got beans!

-- Prometheus (fire@for.man), May 06, 1999.

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