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During the 98-99 school year, I served as a member of the TAT Team at the Falls High School. The team is made up of teachers representing various grades and disciplines. This year the team was made up of six teachers, one special education teacher and an administrator. The team is available for teachers in the high school to identify students who they feel are having problems in their class, problems may be academic, social, behavioral or in the area of learning disabilities. A teacher who suspects a problem in a student contacts a TAT team member. The recommending teacher and the other teachers of that student are given a form to fill out pertaining to their concept of the student. The team then meets with a school administrator and a special education representative to review the results of the forms, study the student's school file and make a pre-referral intervention. The team reviews school and public programs and services available for the student, suggests recommendations, records the recommendations and notifies parents of the pre-referral intervention process and recommendations. The parents can then set up to meet with us, her teachers, the district special education services or public services. >

This past year the committee met upon the recommendations of teachers for 14 students.

-- Anonymous, May 05, 1999

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