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I have brought the Space Marine boxed set and it has three bikes. Now i`m thinking of buying a bike squadron with the bikers having one gun in one hand. I can`t think how many bike units I need to make. Could you please help me.

-- Anonymous, May 04, 1999


hi marc... its jez. although i saw you in the store earlier i thought that it would be handy for me to reply on the net too, so here go's... the space marine bike squad consists of between 3&5 marines, so if you added the box set of matal miniatures to the battle force box set then you would have 6 marines in total. you could then split this into either 1)two squds of 3, each with a special, or both special weapons in a squad or 2) a squad of 5 marines with a sergeant and 2 special weapons and 1 left over you could then use this spare as the basis of a new squad or use him as a force commander etc. in an independant role (giving him toughness 5 into the bargain!) hope this helps, see you soon JEZ

-- Anonymous, May 09, 1999

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