I don't care how proud ATT and Bellsouth are about their recent

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test it has really screwed up my billing! Several posts have been made recently about the testing that Att and Bellsouth have concluded. They are so eager to pat themselves on the back they are breaking their arms. I know that systems crash all the time and thats just something we have to live with but this is getting silly.

I like to have all my phone telecommunications services on one bill to keep it simple for me to follow. Last month I started getting a seperate bill for my ATT long distance, made calls to complain was told it was due to a new system they were using and was told everything would be straightened out. Then got bill from Bellsouth with now carphone charges on it. Wife called today to see what the problem was, how much bill is so on and so forth. The lady on the phone told her Bellsouth mobility was having big problems and read her a company memo to smooth it over.

Then my wife called Bellsouth mobility to find out what to do about the bill. First she was told that Bellsouth had paid the bill and all was well. We no this isn't so because we haven't paid Bellsouth YET. My wife being more honest than me explained this to the lady and told her what the other lady had told her.Anyway to make a too long story short tha lady pulled up or bill and it's $749.00 about 3x normal. Requested a printout and gonna climb this mountain later.

I know that not every computer glitch can be blamed on y2k but when your in the trench that's all you can feel like it is.

Tomorrow I tackle the cable company!

-- Johnny (jljtm@bellsouth.net), May 04, 1999

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