Utne Article Summary Jan/Feb 1999

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Breaking The Job Lock

Andrew Kimbrell p.47

Utne Jan-Feb 1999

Ladd Kocinski

Andrew Kimbrells article on jobs and working points out many problems with our system of employment. Its easy to say so many things need to be fixed without detailing how to do it. Probably the greatest problem with the capitalistic system is greed, and thats the very thing that drives it. One certainly must remember what causes people to become doctors, engineers, and other highly paid professionals. It certainly isnt love of the job, although that may have some small effect. People invest thousands of dollars and years of time in preparing for a vocation because it pays well. People like Kimbrell talk about the work force as if everyone will do his best if only given the ideal job environment as he sees it. There is a large segment of the population in America whose ideal job situation is payday every day and no work on payday. These people survive and flourish because America has enough wealth to carry them. They dont have to steal or look for work, the check comes in the mail, they dont even have to go pick it up. There will always be an order to jobs and pay. Intelligent, well trained people will make much more money than less fortunate individuals. Without this system what would encourage someone to toil at a bad job and pay to train himself for something else, only to be equal to where he started. If the average factory worker who hasnt invested his own time and money to train himself and keep himself employable is going to dictate his job environment and live in Utopia where will the doctors live?

America has driven itself into the keep up with the Jones syndrome. How many children really need a pair of tennis shoes for $175.00. No wonder everyone is working two jobs. Johnny can have everything he wants except whats most important; quality time with his biological mother and father who are still married because they made a conscious decision and meant what they said. Wouldnt this be a great role model?

There is more opportunity in America than anywhere else in the world. Where else can a person be born penniless and or go bankrupt, and or break the law, and still turn it all around and become successful and accepted by society? Many of the people Kimbrell is feeling sorry for are right where they put themselves. To elevate ones standing in society does require some work and dedication from the individual, even in America.

-- Anonymous, May 04, 1999

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