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Nebraska's Y2K Point Man Sets Up in a Bunker



Lincoln - Francis A. Laden, the man in charge of daily operations for the state's emergency preparedness program, plans to spend New Year's Eve at work in a converted bomb shelter, waiting to see exactly what the Y2K computer bug brings to Nebraska.

The assistant director of the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency doesn't know what to expect as the digital clocks of the state roll over into the new millennium, but he doesn't expect a major crisis.

Just in case, the state's National Guard unit commanders will be ready to call in their troops, and Laden is recommending that communities have temporary shelters stocked and ready.

... he will be prepared - holed up with telephones and televisions, weather and ham radio equipment in the enormous bomb shelter under a parking lot near the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus.


Now, just why is this palatable? He says that he will be in a BUNKER, safe and prepared, BUT...... THAT is perfectly acceptable because he does ***NOT*** expect any bad things to happen. But when some folks DO the same thing, that is, be prepared in a safe place, they are CASTIGATED because they **DO** expect something bad to happen.

This guy will be safe, but no one has anything unpleasant to say about his preparedness. It is OK for him to be prepared and safe, because he does NOT expect anything to happen.

ROTFLMAO at the hypocisy of the Pollyannas. NOT ONE of them will say a THING about this. Here is a guy who is prepared and EXPECTS **NOTHING**. But all the revulsion is saved up for those folks who DO expect something AND make preparations.

Who is the bigger idiot, the guy who expects bad things to happen and prepares or the guy who does the same thing and says that he DOES NOT expect bad stuff to happen? In other words, the guy who expects a problem and is preparing is a jerk, but the guy who expects nothing and prepares is 'sage'.

ROTFLMAO,1344,145294,00.html -- Paul Milne If you live within five miles of a 7-11, you're toast.

-- a (a@a.a), May 04, 1999


It gets hard to respond to posts like this because of the tremendous lack of common sense displayed.


I would think the weather a few hundred miles to the west of me last night would point up the wisdom of such a policy. Or would you rather have them move everything out into the open air so he can get frostbite in the middle of winter? That is not a trivial job - moving comm links is certain to cause trouble for some of them.

-- Paul Davis (, May 04, 1999.

"a converted bomb shelter"

As usual, the ultimate doomer reads more into something than is actually there. This is a freakin' command post you moron. Where the hell do you expect it to be? The pent-house at the Sheraton?

If you live within five miles of Paul Milne, you're freakin' crazy.

-- AAA (AAA@AAA.AAA), May 04, 1999.

hmmmm...OK, how about the one on the 23rd floor of a Manhattan high rise Guliano just built to the tune of $15 mil that's surrounded by bulletproof glass? That must be to keep the heat in huh.

-- a (a@a.a), May 04, 1999.

Doomer Twit-breath. ANYONE who spends New Years Eve in a bunker is either some Hill-Billy survivalist with three teeth and a bad case of INVARitis, or a loser, low level Y2K wonk with no life.

-- Y2K Pro (, May 04, 1999.

Paul D., I think you are missing PAul M.'s point, uneloquent as he generally is. He's pointing out that, at state and national levels, emergency managers are making extraordinary preparations for extraordinary disruptions (I can confirm, from my position, that thi sis the case), even though the official line remains "a bump in the road." One could credibly argue that this is merely prudent contingency planning, but why would the same rationale not apply to individuals?


-- Scott Johnson (, May 04, 1999.

Nothing will happen..Nothing will happen..Nothing will happen..Nothing will happen..Nothing will happen..Nothing will happen..Nothing will happen..Nothing will happen..Nothing will happen..Nothing will happen..

Prove it.

Preparation for hardship is prudence not survivalism. It is self insurance. It is a premium which can be used at any time.

Ask the people in OKC if they think preparing for hardship is a bad idea.

How many warning shots do you need before you recognize that life is full of surprises and some of them are not pleasant?

There are priorities. If I am prepared and an elderly person needed help then a poly-doomslayer would indeed go hungery. Sorry, but there are alot of folks who will be served at my table before many of your type.

-- David (C.D@I.N), May 04, 1999.

I think a lot of people are completely missing the point here. these government agencies are not setting up in Y2K proof locations, they are setting up in NUCLEAR Warfare proof locations.

-- Nikoli Krushev (, May 04, 1999.

Scott -- You shouldn't need backup but you are exactly, precisely right. That was Milne's point and it is unchallengeable ... and disturbing. Ditto Nikoli. See Bennett's statements as quoted by Arlin on nearby thread. Their contingency planning is LAUDABLE. So is Milne's and so is mine.

-- BigDog (, May 04, 1999.


To stupid Polly's and trolls, nuclear exchanges are impossible because they are in all the hands of sane and reasonable men that would only use them if another Hitler attempted global domination. And besides, the polly's have the greatest monarch ever to walk the earth to protect them with his political prowess.

After all, what would the world's merchants do if they nuked us? They'd go out of business!! So nukes are just as implausible as a Milne Y2K scenario is! It's nothing more than scare mongering doomer cult hysteria and it's irresponsible of you to work everyone into a frenzy!

This is the Age of Aquarious! Nukes are dead man!!!!

Ancient hatreds and vengeance is the way of the Republicans, and Clinton's putting a stop to that kind of stupidness RIGHT NOW in Kosova. It's a New Age Man!!!

Get real!!

Bomb shelters went out with the Leave It To Beaver crowd.

Oh, and Y2K Pro(phylactic) an infant you're not capable of being man enough to say what you do to my face.

You sit behind your little keyboard and keystroke bullshit and taunts like the little infant you are.

You are nothing but dogshit on the bottom of my shoe.

And if the opportunity ever arises, I shall scrape you from it with extreme prejudice.

-- INVAR (, May 04, 1999.

ROTFLMAO---INVAR, If there's something bothering you about Y2K pro why don't you go ahead and get it off your chest?

I look at the Columbine Killings and see that yes there are lunatics in this world who like to kill. I look at governments and realize they are composed of lunatics. Meglamaniacs, egotist, sadist, and your occaisional homicidal manic. I think I see one likely candidate for that role in High office right now.

-- Nikoli Krushev (, May 04, 1999.

Nik, you misunderstand. These "bunkers" happen to have been built, in the main, in the 60's and 70's. Of COURSE they're nuke froof, that's what they were built for. All the gov's are doing is recycling the resource. SO WHAT IT"S A BUNKER????


-- chuck, a Night Driver (, May 04, 1999.

Yeah Y2k (Prairie Dog) you are gonna get stomped in stereo MF!:)

Nah, if I ever met ya I'd probably buy you a pint.

-- Andy (, May 04, 1999.

Chuck, I guess that was tounge in cheek. I'm trying to remember the last time the government recycled anything and drawing a total blank. I'm also remembering there are about a million or so government buildings and national guard armories in this country which would have made perfectly good communications centers with a whole lot less work. And I'm remembering FEMA started this ball rolling by reactivating Mt. Weather. I'm also remembering FEMA is tasked as the backup government to the United States and Mt. Weather was to be it's safehouse in the event of Nuclear war. And FEMA is setting up its local control offices in rural locations outside of the 120 cities. This picture is not looking good at all.

-- Nikoli Krushev (, May 04, 1999.

Andy --- you've sure been mentioning brew a lot today. I suppose we could have a virtual one or perhaps a real one at the same virtual time or ..... I've lost my train of thought. Pass the Guinness.

Nik -- Thanks for ruining my night. Now, I really do need a few suds.

-- BigDog (, May 04, 1999.

One obvious point about the end of the Cold War is that many, many former military bases have been made available for state governments to use. Looks like the former Lincoln AFB facilities have been put to good use by Nebraska. The way things are going, a lot of use might wish we could have our own former SAC command post.


-- Wildweasel (, May 04, 1999.

"The way things are going, a lot of use might wish we could have our own former SAC command post."

Why? So you can snivel in a bunker on New Years eve waiting for an end of the world that's not gong to arrive?

Sounds like the crotch lice known as INVARiably Dull has gotten to you...

-- Y2K Pro (, May 04, 1999.

Crotch Lice....? The infant hits me with his best shot.

Says alot obout his maturity level and intelligence doesn't it?

Notice how he easily dismisses the nuke topic on discussion. Wonder how he's able to breathe with his head so far up his ass?

Hey infant Pro(phylactic)--- I'd invite you to attempt that type of infantile drool in my presence...I'd rip you apart with my bare hands.

And unlike Andy, (generous soul that he is), I wouldn't give you my piss to drink if you were dehydrated to the point of death.

A wise man sees danger afar off and prepares, while the fool rushes headlong into destruction.

-- INVAR (, May 04, 1999.

Oh for pity's sake! Now look here, if the poor guy said he was going to stay home and sleep you would be after him like a pack of rabid wolves yelling 'FOOL POLLY' and 'WHY ISN'T HE DOING HIS JOB'. So he is going to work all night, after stating in public he expects no trouble from computer glitches. So you slam him for doing it right and going where the emergency comm equipment actually is.

Heads you win, tails he looses. Must be really great to think like that - every fact or action can be spun to reinforce your preconceived notions.

And I don't see where he said he expects no trouble from HUMAN sources - I guess I am the only one here who remembers the 'Operation Sunburst' post.

-- Paul Davis (, May 04, 1999.

just a point in passing:

there are many facillities which might be considered to be protected against fallout, radiation, and those sorts of things (the NYC command post NOT being a case in point, but anyway..)HOWEVER there are very very few facillities which could be considered truly nuke- proof...Cheyenne Mountain and Mount Weather being two of the very few. If said bunkers are only being constructed now, I'd expect them to be more likely proof against civil unrest and so on...true nuke proofing takes a lot of time and well as a handy mountain under which to hide.

just my 2 cents' worth,


-- Arlin H. Adams (, May 04, 1999.

But Paul, the point is, they are telling us, from the comfort of their bunker, that we don't need no stinkin bunker. Kinda odd, huh?

On a related note, its sort of syncronistic that Hardees hamburger chain is running a line of commercials with old B&W footage with "duck and cover" soundtrack. Its a strange world.

-- a (a@a.a), May 04, 1999.

Hmmmm... I just wonder where this guy's wife and kids will be spending their New Years Eve ?

-- Yan (, May 05, 1999.

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