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I posted this as an answer to the "Calling All Texans" followup by Greybear about the Ft. Worth meeting May 22. In case it's missed, however, I'll repeat it here. As a journalist (no, I'm one of the good ones--part of the reason I'm out of it now) who has owned his own newspapers and recently was business editor of an East Texas daily, I'll be happy to serve as the scribe for this meeting. Pertinent and pithy (what else from this crowd?) comments will be jotted down for presentation later on this forum if lurkers and posters are interested. Perhaps I can convey via the written word the tone and tenor of the folks of similar mind and bent on this important subject.

-- Vic (, May 04, 1999


I'm having a hard time accessing the forum. Is it server problems here or there?

I think this is a great ideas and greatly appreciate that Vic'll be volunteering his time and effort to give us a synopsis of the Fort Worth Meeting. Is anyone interested in reporting the play by play, taking comments and questions live time on their notebook? I'd be happy to prepay a drink or two for them. (grin) Maybe, someone else will prepay the lunch or gas for the car. Do we have any takers?

Sincerely, Stan Faryna

-- Stan Faryna (, May 04, 1999.

Vic. About this taking notes thing. Far as I know this is an informal get together for a bunch of people of like mind to say hello. I really don't see where the concept of somebody taking notes is going to come in, unless it's on barbecue-stained napkins -- though a journalist's review might be useful, but do remember most of us are private people, and we really don't want much about us in public. If I really thought anybody would be writing about me publicly afterward I would not go. I think some people are attributing more formality to this get together than it could possibly have with a bunch of people sitting around eating and drinking -- or perhaps trying to give it some. I don't want to go to a conference, I want to have lunch with some friends. I would hope anybody interested in a conversation would be part of it, vs. sitting there trying to transcribe it. If you come, just join in and be a human.

PJ in TX

-- PJ Gaenir (, May 04, 1999.

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