Feds Lose Billions on Y2K

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This doesn't exactly inspire confidence...

Feds Lose Billions on Y2K www.wired.com/news/news/politics/story/19477.html

-- Sharon (sking@drought-ridden.com), May 04, 1999


Here is the link:

Feds Lose Billions

Any comments from the Pollys here?


-- Ray (ray@totacc.com), May 04, 1999.

Now, this is a shocker!

You mean, federal agencies used a "crisis" to demand "emergency funding"? Which apparently is being spent on other things?

Naw, not our federal government.

-- Hoffmeister (hoff_meister@my-dejanews.com), May 04, 1999.

"Estimated costs of Y2K activities for the 2000 fiscal year have increased by over 700 percent during the last year,"

Na, the pollys will ignore this thread. It doesn't agree with their opinion that there are fewer problems than first thought, and that it's costing less to fix. <:)=

-- Sysman (y2kboard@yahoo.com), May 04, 1999.

INfiDEL. DieTER is buSY aNd hAs SenT Me.

I do not like to write in the style of DieTER only with his attitude. Your "news" of the day comes from the "Dept. of Broken Records" and sounds like one. Has there EVer BeEn a TiMe wheN D.c. has noT lost money? Is HaNS NoT RighT??

Do you not know that two years ago, the estimate from the WasTRELS of D.c. was $$ 2.8 BB?? Have you FORgotten the INEPT CZARINA SALLY the Everything is o.k. Katzunddoggie ???

Two years ago, one of the Sissy NG People said it was the D.c. Arithematic. The "budget" was to be multiplied by 10 for the Gov. I.T. people were "borrowing from their regular fund allocations" as they were "preparing the Congress for the news".

Over ring shaped pieces of fried dough and beverages, the "geek vine" agreed this was so. $28 billion would be more like it before it was over. Some of the fat consumers of fried dough posted that long before 1999, the Wastrels would make it to $10 billions officially. This would enable the eaters of fried dough to consume Crepes Suzettes or Baked Alaska made before their very eyes by candlelight far from the pink fronts of the "Dunkin Doughnuts" of the past.

nOW, iS THaT NoT CoRRecT?

-- Hans (hans@onehand.com), May 04, 1999.

"Government officials have also spent hundreds of millions of dollars designated for Y2K repairs on non-urgent and unrelated projects, the GAO said."

This should not be a surprise to anyone. That's business as usual, I fear. There are just too many grabbing hands on the one hand . On the other, there is a lack of terror at the consequences of failure.

Sincerely, Stan Faryna

-- Stan Faryna (info@giglobal.com), May 04, 1999.

P.S. Perhaps at no other time before, Americans are really interested in the way money is managed in the Government. This new interest may come as an unwelcome surprise to our Government officials, however.

-- Stan Faryna (info@giglobal.com), May 04, 1999.

Hoff said:

"You mean, federal agencies used a "crisis" to demand "emergency funding"? Which apparently is being spent on other things?

Naw, not our federal government. "

Hoff, this is going on not just in the US govt, but state, county, municpal, and private enterprise alike. Wake up son.

-- a (a@a.a), May 04, 1999.

I'll try, "dad".

-- Hoffmeister (hoff_meister@my-dejanews.com), May 04, 1999.

Hmmm.. I've read it three times now and I just can't find the section that says that because of all of this sloppy accounting that the remediation work didn't get done and won't get done by the end of the year and the lights will go out, the water won't flow, etc. etc. Can one of you please highlight that part of the article.

-- RMS (rms_200@hotmail.com), May 04, 1999.

I think you've got you Hans on that right. Alot of fraud will be happening. They see the opportunity before them.

-- David (C.D@I.N), May 04, 1999.

Fraud happens in Washington all the time. Remember the $500 toilet seats and hammers?

What tickles me is that you'll see a story like this, and the Doomlits will say, "ooooooooooo, this is PROOF that Y2K is gonna be bad."

Then someone else might post a story about Buh'Wheat, Inc. only spending 25% of its allocated budget on Y2K. The Doomlits will say, "ooooooooooo, this is PROOF that Y2K is gonna be bad."

The amount of money spent is no indication of remediation (and this story proves that in spades). The county offices back where I come solved their problem by buying PCs and new software -- for a fraction of the cost quoted to them by a Y2K Consultant. That's how my bank did it, too (and they also passed the saving on to their shareholders).

And yet, I'm sure that if a Doomlit were to see these numbers he/she would say, "ooooooooooo, this is PROOF that they're not fixing the problem. Y2K is gonna be bad."

-- Stephen M. Poole, CET (smpoole7@bellsouth.net), May 04, 1999.

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