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There will be a meeting at Denny's on May 4th at 6201 N. May.

6:30 - to eat and visit

7:30 - meeting will begin in the Banquet Room. Hope to see you there.

Just passing the info on... Donna

-- (cannot-say@this.time), May 03, 1999



Thanks for the info. I'll do my best to make it. Only one question, shall I wear my "I am a y2k kook" button for identification purposes?


-- newbiebutnodummy (, May 03, 1999.

PS Who's putting on this meeting and will they expect me to buy anything? I hate Tupperware parties. Linda

-- newbiebutnodummy (, May 03, 1999.


To answer your question about who is putting on this meeting... It is being hosted by someone that I only know via a e-mail address. This person is part of the Y2KOK e-mail listserve. Seems Tulsa has started having a few meetings, and this person wanted to start having some here. I think it is good, and would have loved to help, but do not have the time to try to organize anything.

As for the button... seems like we could come up with some better way to identify one another. There may be many people there with the some button. I normally wear my hair tied at my neck, so that should narrow me down a bit. Tomorrow, I'll let you know exactly what color of bow I will be wearing, and possibly what color my attire will be.

-- (cannot-say@this.time), May 03, 1999.

Sorry, I forgot about you wanting to know if you were expected to buy anything. From what I gather, no. Seems like a LDS person had contacts for 55 gallon water drums, and a few people ordered them, but I didn't.

Not sure if you know this or not, but there is someone on 23rd that sells drums for water storage. Have seen them, but haven't stopped in as yet because when I drive by, I haven't seen anyone there.

-- (cannot-say@this.time), May 03, 1999.

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