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Who the hell knows whether this article on revolutionary energy generation advance is relevant to y2k or not. I've lost track of what y2k is anyway.

-- Blue Himalayan (bh@k2.y), May 03, 1999


Blue, that's understandable. Poole says Y2K is over. It already happened. It's all fixed. Isn't life grand?

(If you're looking to sell your supplies, give me a call ....)

-- BigDog (, May 03, 1999.

In spite of BJ Clinton, Y2K (still a serious, world-wide problem), and NATO bombing of the former USSR, it is GREAT to get some good news for a change.

So much in the world depends on energy. Now, about the 500 years it will take for the oil companies to let this technology see the light of day...

-- Anonymous99 (, May 03, 1999.

Dog, my supplies are all mental now... (y'know, where moth can't break in, nor thief corrupt etc. ) - I've learned more about survival in the 12 months since I first freaked over y2k (including some things learned from YOU Dog, btw) than in my previous 41 years of life... Mind is not for sale at any price !

-- Blue Himalayan (bh@k2.y), May 03, 1999.

BH makes an excellent point. Knowledge lasts as long as you do... longer if you decide to record your wisdom for posterity. In many situations, what you know is more important than what you have. (Or have I watched McGiver once too many times?) (laughter)


-- Mr. Decker (, May 03, 1999.

Decker, you are right as rain on that one.

-- David (C.D@I.N), May 03, 1999.

Mr. D -

You obviously didn't watch too much of it (and this is good - TV rots the brain). The name of that most ingenious fellow was/is "MacGyver".

You may have been thinking of John "McGiver", a rather portly actor who appeared in, among other things, a wonderful episode of "Twilight Zone", playing a thoroughly obnoxious (and noisy) individual who gets a taste of his own medicine...

And I agree with our feline friend: what the heck, it's all Y2K, innit? MacGyver shows us how to cope with Y2K dangers using brainpower (rather than violence), while "Twilight Zone" gave us excellent cautionary tales about panic ("The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street", "the Shelter"), and John McGiver founded a software company back in the early 80's.

OK, I made up that last part. It was actually Jon Provost (Timmy on "Lassie") who went into the software business... 8-}]

-- Mac (sneak@lurk.hid), May 03, 1999.

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