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Most "doomers" and even a many "GI's" as for proof and verification of system testing. With all due respect to everyone's opinions, how is it possible for any company to tell you what you want to hear; namely that their systems are completely inventoried, remediated, repaired, tested and verified compliant? Isn't that like asking someone to forecast and assure you that you won't have a heart attack and die next year?

-- dan (, May 03, 1999


Dan, With all that in mind (not getting straight answers), does that put you in any position to have blind faith in the Govt. to take care of things? The question is: With your wife and three children, are you willing to risk their well-being on a situation where No one know what will happen? Many outcomes have been stated. They seem realistic scenario's. You mentioned previously you were a middle of the roader. Being one is a sane place to come from. My other question is: Are you more conserned about what other people think about you by taking middle ground? I for one have a healthy mistrust of behind the scenes players with poker faces. Have you ever played head game? It can be a mind screwer. All players get one card and stick it on their head for their opponents to see where you have no idea what is on your head. You can only guess if your in or out by looking at what your opponents are packin. Does that give you enough confidence to stay in middle ground, even if you see everyone with 5's, 6's or 7's on their forehead? can you hope to have a better card? Personally I hate the game and rarely stay in....It really depends how much booze I drink. With a family your size, I'd wanna keep sober and do the right thing. Do you drive around without liability insurance? Chances are you wont be pulled over, but I bet you have some.

sincerely , Feller

-- Feller (, May 03, 1999.


Just wanted to say thanks for your meaningful and insightful responses. I was hoping that people like you would contribute good information / ideas and I have not been disappointed.

Best regards, and have a good day.

(by the way, you're right about the insurance...)

-- dan (, May 03, 1999.

You are welcome. I just wanna help. My other suggestions are:

The fundamentals....Bags of wheat, white rice, Pinto beans, Pasta, Powdered milk, Textured vegetable protein, Olive oil (lasts 3 years), Vitamin C. (also lasts 3 years), bakin soda, Bakin powder, plenty tooth paste and T.P., Canning equipment (pressure canner, boiler canner, 20 cases of wide-mouth quart sized canning jars with 3 spare lid tops for each), Guns and ammo, etc....the ultimate is a D.C, powered well water pump with 4 solar panels to run it and a tank for it to fill higher than home. If no higher ground , a meduim flow water pump added to run off 12 volt battery with a means to recharge it...look into it at "renewable goods inc."

there is alot more I could add... but will save it for further posts.

Sincerely, Feller

-- Feller (, May 03, 1999.

My wife's company is even as we speak, being audited and verrified by a consultant team. when they are done, the code library there will be SEALED and declared compliant. They have been told if they break the seal, then the audit is void, and the lawyers will have a field day with them. In other words, until next year, they will be unable to change the way a form looks, or add new features to a report or process. If her company can get this type of verification, then ANYONE should be able to, and should be able to release the fact that they have it.


-- chuck, a Night Driver (, May 03, 1999.


Got a link for renewable goods inc.?

-- gal (, May 05, 1999.

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