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I am in the process of reading Chomsky for the first time. (Profit Over People). I saw some of his bio in the dustcover. Who is his most articulate critic? What do current politicos have to say about Chomsky? For instance, does Pat Buchanan say he's a nut or that he's on the money?

-- Spamless (spam@spam.spam), May 03, 1999


pay attention to Chomsky's detractors,they flame him,and ignore his sources.also check out the documentary on him,"manufacturing consent". he kind of changes the way ya look at the "america is great"propaganda we get shoved down our throughts.sad how easy it is to get americans to give up their freedoms.sometimes it seems we're happier as slaves.......

-- zoobie (zoobie@zoob.zab), May 03, 1999.

search chomsky on yahoo there's detractor pages there

-- zoobie (zoobie@zoob.zab), May 03, 1999.

I don't have an answer, I just want to ask questions, and I found myself inside this(site), I am not good with computers. I have just finished reading time bomb 2000, & would like to know hoe Yourdon feels now mid99 about Y2K, are you still pesimistic? De Jager, does not seem to be too concerned in his article how, when were ect. I don't know what to think anymore, HELP

-- Esmeralda Williamson-Noble (, May 03, 1999.


Here's a link to one of Ed Yourdon's essays from February:

-- Kevin (, May 03, 1999.


Here is a good selection of Chomsky articles and interviews. He is truly one of the great ones.

-- R. Wright (, May 03, 1999.

Spamless, I haven't read much Chomsky. I made the attempt a couple of times but he is too much of an anarchist for my taste. What little I have read he seems to press for total democracy which is not what this nation was founded to be. Total democracy is anarchy. If a nation shifts its goals and policies to suit general perception of every event it becomes no more than a headless chicken in a mindless death strut. If you can stomach that part of his literature he seems to have a really good grasp of the NWO. But like I said I haven't been able to stick with him long enough to find out for sure.

-- Nikoli Krushev (, May 04, 1999.

Nik me old mate,

I agree with you, but what's the alternative?

I used to think I had a brain, but now it's being overloaded, Pukhet sounds very tempting for rollover... :)

I'm serious.

Later :)


Read Icke then headfirst into Chomsky - read the last three books by David Icke - report back, you will be graded.

Puts Chomsky in perspective.

-- Andy (, May 04, 1999.

Andy, you have no idea how hard that made me laugh. My wife was making one of her hopeless attempts to clean up around my computer desk and reading desk this afternoon. She pointed to a pile of open books on my desk and said,"Which one of these are you reading?" "All of them." I replied. Here is the list of what is open on this table.1. Roll Me Over, An Infantryman's WW-II 2. Fighting In Hell, the German Ordeal On the Eastern Front 3. Apollyon, The Destroyer Unleashed (#5 in tribulation series) 4. The Kill Box, and the ever popular 5. Desert Fox

I bet you couldn't guess I'm studying Military strategy and tactics this month.

-- Nikoli Krushev (, May 04, 1999.

Nik me old mate,

I USED to be an invertaebrate reeder (joke), but the the internet came along/more specifically this forum...

currently reading!

any magazines I can get hold of from Engalund

David Icke "The Biggest Secret"- dare you to read it Nik!!!!!!!

Ayn Rand "Atlas Shrugged"

"Alas babylon"

"nightfall" - Asimov

just ordered the James Wesley Rawles novel...

just ordered "Unintended Consequences"

just ordered "Reilly's Luck"

just ordered "Tranceformation of Amarica"

just ordered the Ambrose Evans-Pritchard expose on the Sun-King (Clinton)

Also reading y2k by Don Tiggre


"In Between the lines" :)

Later Pal,

YES! Us invertabrate readers can bend over backwords to catch the drift :)


-- Andy (, May 04, 1999.

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