1900 might be OK,,or Why youi might not need the Fed

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Do you really need 10,326,843,974 Laws?,,, thats just Fed laws ( WAG )

72,946,823 County laws ( more WAG ),,, state laws?,,LOL

943,723, City laws ( another wild ass guess )

Have you ever tryed to run a biz under these laws?

Have you ever looked at the CA. vehical code? ( small print, 500+ pages, and you better know it )

We,ve let laws invade every part of our lives,,, and socialists.

Our children are taught in our schools that their parent, in any disagreement , can be sent to Jail for child abbuse,,, if you don't like the neighbor, accuse him/her of sexual abbuse,,been there,, done that,,, you can't get it off your record. I've seen good people destoyed by their children, over a temper tantrum ( In my case, my daughter ( 14 ) was head over heels for a 20 year old boy,, he had a car and was from a rich family,, ( no help from the cops or DA ),,, he skipped her from school 2-3 periods each day. I got tired of being called a Fucking asshole and told her If she didn't change her mouth and attitude I would take off my belt,,, as she was taught, she said she would call the cops,,, I did,, she did,,, justice took it's course.,,

He who sow, So shall he who,

-- CT (ct@no.yr), May 03, 1999


CT -- so sorry to hear this. Yes, the school system is turning kids into little menaces to their families.

-- shy ann (shy@really.shy), May 03, 1999.


I know what you're talking about. My experience with this sort of "turn you into the cops" attitude came about from knowing a woman. I knew her to the point of having a cup of coffe and few other social, friendly situations with her. Never touched her. One night as I lay comfortably reading a book I received a call telling me that I had been reported to the police for, stalking, peeping, sexual harrasment and a list of other things for which one can get into deep trouble. Police showed me the report and treated me like a criminal. However she never pressed it after that. Needless to say I left that part of the country. It is a strange thing to be accused and know you are innocent.

-- gentleman (notastalker@no.never), May 03, 1999.

CT The nearly correct figure on laws , rules anmd regs. in the USA as of 4 years ago was 200,000,000 AND growing at 10,000 a day ! Having been in the "courts of law" ( not JUSTICE ), both as an accused, where the accuser did NOT appear 3 times ( but the 'judge' said on the third occasion, "If I see you in here again, I'll throw the book at you !") and as a juror. If one ever tells me that ".. Ignorance of the law is no excuse .." I plan to say to him, Your 'Honor' ; If you will qoute just any ONE million laws off the top of your head, of the 200 million laws in this USA, I will not only sit here quietly and listen,but you can give me any sentence but death for your trouble. A Wise Man

-- A. Wiseman (Wiseman@prodigy.com), May 03, 1999.

hey,ct,if your 14 year old is given ya grief,don't hit her,have the police put her in juvinile detention,legal and your right.she might not like it,but until she's 18,she's property with limited rights.tell the cops she's outta control and they'll take her away.or,if you're christian,stone her to death,god's law,ya know.......

-- zoobie (zoobie@zoob.zab), May 03, 1999.

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