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I have just written a set of rules for a 40K skirmish game called Exodite, about gangs of Eldar Dragon Knights fighting on a maiden world, plus some Craftworld jetbike riders and humans from the Knight worlds. If you're interested, give me an E-mail (make sure you get your address right) and I'll try and send you a copy of the rules.

-- Avatar (, May 02, 1999


Do you really have to have all the troops mounted?

i found it was more fitting to have the higher rank troops mounted and the lower rank ones on foot when playing the hunting party.

-- (, June 18, 1999.

I haven't actually tried playing without all the party mounted, as it seemes so central to the Exodite background: Teams of knights ranging across open plains, etc, etc. This doesn't really leave much room for footsloggers, does it?

-- Avatar (, July 19, 1999.

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