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I had some family pictures taken from digital camera,can I convert them (.jpg) to vcd format? and how? thanks

-- pshare (, May 02, 1999


You can not make a Video CD from stills. It has to be moving objects. What you want to make is a Kodak PhotoCD. Sheesh how many people jumped onto the VCD bandwagon but forgot to reead the FAQ's to these. I am sorry sir to go off like that but JPEgs, MP3s, GIFs, and other non MPG and DAT files can not be Video CDs. PhotoCD is JPEGS, VideoCDs are DATs, AudioCDs are CDDAs, MP3 CDs are MP3 files. Everyone has to realize this.

-- Will Shakes (, May 02, 1999.

You could make each picture use up a 30 seconds of video time and it would work (displaying each picture for 30 sec.) Make a track for each photo and you're in business. You could even add audio commentary.

I imagine that still images would compress quite well allowing you to put many on a single CD.

If you don't want the audio track, you could store many more by just putting them as files on a CD or making a PhotoCD.

-- Gabriel Klyber (, May 09, 1999.

On the otherhand, should someone wish to create VCDs of still pictures, a simple slide presentation (with matching audio) can be captured by any screencam software and save to *.avi. Then you got the headstart to create VCDs of stills ---don't forget, you still need a VCD creator software.

-- nicanor pablito jr (, May 23, 1999.

Everyone has said one can only encode moving pix into VCD. But what about the menu pages on a ver2.0 VCD, where, for example, the Karaoke tracks are listed and with which we choose with our remote? Isn't in fact this a still pix? In EZ-CD Creator also, doesn't it ask that MPEG-1 constrained STILL IMAGES can also be included in the intended VCD layout? I would say that it's possible to have a VCD that you put into your VCD player. But instead of playing video, first a menu comes out, then all the choices presented would point to still image files you choose with your remote. Instead of MPEG AV tracks, there would be MPEG-encoded standard (240X352) stills or hi-res (720X408) you can then view. This would not be Photo CD or any CD-ROM restricted to the PC; this would be a true blue ver2.0 VCD. Comments?

-- Emmanuel Martinez (, July 28, 1999.

One type of recently made Karaoke VCDs works like this:

1) If VDC is started from begining by pressing "play", a still picture MENU (some with music) will come on screen waiting for a song number to be selected. If you press "next", MENU 2 will come on, and the MENUs will rotate as long as the "next" is pressed again. If a song numnber is selected that song will play and repeats itself untill "stop" is pressed. Then, MENU 1 will come back to wait for another song number to be selected. While a song is still playing, "next" and "numeric" keys are not effective.

2) Alternately, if the same VCD is started from the begining by pressing for a song number (i.e. "play" was not pressed at all), that song number will start playing and continue to the next song on the list untill end of VCD. Any song number can be pressed to interrupt a song that is still playing and cause player to play the new number. Also, if "next" button is pressed player will be interrupted and cause next song to play. No MENU is ever displayed throughout in this mode of play.

New Karaoke VCDs come in many variations to the play method I"ve just described. It requires "trial and errors" to sort them out. Please do not ask me how to create these types of VCDs.

-- Tomo (, July 29, 1999.

Use Nero 5.x, Make sure all your photos are in jpeg format and drag them into the SVCD or VCD track area and Nero will take care of the rest.

Make sure your pictures are at high resolutions and Nero will reformat them.

These are the image sizes supported by both standards:

PAL NTSC VCD, normal 352x288 352x240 VCD, high 704x576 704x480 SVCD, normal 480x576 480x480 SVCD, high 704x576 704x480

It's realy c

-- Paul Mac (, July 12, 2000.

The other alternative with a better end product is via an edit program and mpeg stream, I have done 1000's of stills this way.

have a look at the "doing it" page on

-- Ross McL (, July 12, 2000.

Regarding the nero reply, Yes it does work very well,HOWEVER with my DVD you can't choose which image you want to skip to so if you have say 100 pics it coult take awhile to get to the end ones. I have thought of a fix though, you could place a couple second blank screen mpeg in between each group of say 10 or 20 pictures, this would enable you to skip ahead to each section. Likewise if you do this you could create "title screens" to announce the next group of images. To make the blank mpeg you will need an mpeg rendering program, I use uLead video studio it allows you to drag and drop images and create an mpeg of stills. Hope this helps

-- the answerman (, March 31, 2001.

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-- harbans singh (, December 30, 2001.

try using FLYVCD,,,

-- sk (, December 30, 2001.

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