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BS 2? Save of 6? Even an Eldar Guardian can beat an Ork now! (But watch out for those Zzap gunz!)

-- Avatar (, May 01, 1999


That's something that they should make up for when the codex comes out, hopefully. Who can afford orks anyway, I firmly beleive they're the best army out there, or were anyway. They're just too fraggin' expensive. from what I see, they just generalized all the orks into nondestinct unit types, I miss clans. besides, with a army that big, you'd fall asleep painting orks that all look the same before you finish the army.

-- Lt. Col. Williams (, May 02, 1999.

Games Workshop Q&A

Orks are not a shooting army, or a defensive one for that matter. They are just a big horde of "regular" units that are used to mob the smaller squads of Marines, Imerials, Eldar and Dark Eldar and just outnumber them in Hand-to-hand combat. If they can get close enough a good player can take out a good chunk of a Terminator Squad. Even though the Terminator armour is tough, that +1 for every attacker after the first really adds up.

-- Chester J. Q-Cumber (, May 02, 1999.


Don't worry, clans will be back in the new Codex (they say), which should be out in June. That +1 per attacker is a bit out of date, isn't it?

-- Avatar (, May 02, 1999.

Response to ??????????????????

+1 per attacker is only out of date if you play 3rd editon (which suck).

-- Chester J. Q-Cumber (areyouenglishorjustplainretarded@notreal.arse), May 02, 1999.

You're gonna have to learn 3rd edition if you want to continue forward with the hobby and attend tournaments. Besides, i like the new rules,they are faster playing.

-- hank (, May 05, 1999.

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