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"I have the solution - give Klinton, Albright and Cohen .45 automatics and the top three from Serbia .45 automatics - put them in a building with all the doors locked - turn out the lights and the last one out wins - oh yes - Klinton and his bunch with have to follow the instructions of the Brady bill - 5 day waiting period - background check - and then they will be given ammo - must follow the law."

- From another forum

-- Ct Vronsky (, May 01, 1999


I've got a better idea.

Send in the NRA.

They're having a conference right on top of their latest victims. They love guns, they love violence, maybe we should send them into Kosovo and take care of those serbs for us.

Of course, unlike high school students, the serbs would shoot back. But hey, NRA members are he-men right? I bet they can take down those vicious serbs.

And there will be a fringe benefit. Without the NRA around, we want have to endure any more massacres of children.

-- nospam (, May 01, 1999.

1) NRA does NOT love violence.

2) The kids were in violation of nt less than 12 Federal and state laws. those laws certainly worked, Hmm??

3) The keeping and bearing of arms is ASSUMED to be done in a conscientious way. Sometimes the assumptions do not match reality.

4) It is no coincidence that the keeping and bearing arms, as a portion of a well regulated militia is the second ammendment. It was put there to protect the first, which we all are enjoying right now, and will tomorrow (Sunday) morning (or tonight or last night, depending).

5) The proper use of firearms can be quite good for one's self esteem, and can be fun, as well as a physical challenge. (Scoring targets, if the shooter is accurate, is really fun).

6) Those that think there's nothing to it, have NEVER shot competitively, from all of the (ouch) positions.

Got contortionist genes?

C who would like just once to see someone who has a problem with firearms be a little familiar with the requisite documentation

-- chuck, a Night Driver (, May 01, 1999.

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