Where is Flint when you need him?

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Flint, help me out here buddy. I need you to monitor the NWO threads that are sprouting on this form like Milne's "mushrooms after a spring rain". Compared to the projections of Nikoli, INVAR, Andy, and mass@delusion, to name a few, I'm a damn pollyanna. In fact, I think I'd prefer an Infomagic future to the one outlined by that crew.

My question is, if pollyannas don't even see y2k as posing a serious risk for a depression, what do the optimists of this forum (you, Deck, RMS, Y2K Pro, Stephen, maria, etc) think of the claims that:

- the NWO is intent on confiscating our guns and enslaving the US population - China and N. Korea have our nuclear codes and can launch our own missiles at us - Clinton is conspiring to have the US drawn into a nuclear war - Al Gore is conspiring to eradicate 3 billion people by 2001 - and so on...see the threads for more.

Seriously though. These fellows make some good points and I just think and hope that they are misguided. But could you and your compatriots take some time and address these issues using your laser sharp analysis skills and give us your opinion?

And before you flame me INVAR, I'm not knocking militias, and I understand as well as anybody that this country is in many ways in poor shape.

But I think its important to critique these types of claims on this forum as well, given the large reader base we are developing and the susceptibility of newcomers who see these sensational claims intertwined with y2k topics.

-- a (a@a.a), May 01, 1999

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