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Had an interesting lunch this week with a banker in the town in which I live. In response to a "How ya doin'" as he approached the table, he said, "Oh, great, if you don't count Y2K."

After eating, I steered the conversation back to Y2K. Interestingly, the other three diners agreed things may get very interesting. Quizzed about his bank, the banker indicated that a run is the thing he fears most. His answer? Give 'em cashiers' checks.

He then repeated the story of a couple in a nearby town who took all their money out of the bank, only to be robbed and killed. Since that's his pat answer to queries about emptying the account, I withdrew from the conversation without asking why one promise to pay is any better than another.

Later that dat at another meeting, several of us walked into a conference room where a young man was working on a computer. "Y2K bit us," said our host.

The problem really is real... and people really are working hard on it.

-- Ranger (, April 30, 1999

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