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Mr. Yourdon, I would appreciate it if you could please delete the thread listing Chuck's personal information. Some things are worse than trolls. Thank you. And you could delete this one too. Thanks.

-- David (, April 30, 1999



Sorry for the delay in responding to this -- I was on an airplane all day, and just logged in a few minutes ago. I deleted the first posting on the other thread, which contains the personal address

I agree with the vast majority of the comments -- namely, that it was inappropriate and consciously destructive to post the address. FWIW, I think this is a harbinger of things to come: the Y2K dialogue is likely to become increasingly hostile and confrontational as we move into the "end game" this summer and fall.

-- Ed Yourdon (, April 30, 1999.

I second that

-- rickjohn (, April 30, 1999.

Please do so. It is a very personal harrassment nobody deserves, especially Chuck, good grief, like what did HE of all people do?!

PJ in TX

-- PJ Gaenir (, April 30, 1999.

Has anyone written to Ed at his email... about deleting the Chuck info?

-- Stan Faryna (, April 30, 1999.

I just did Stan. Thanks for the suggestion.

-- David (, April 30, 1999.

Thanks, folks


-- chuck, a Night Driver (, April 30, 1999.

So flying - eh? No doubt making all that money we're accused of grubbing.....8<)

Seriously, any significant changes nationally or internationally? It appears that we are in a sort of a "lull" - behinds the scenes, companies who are trying to get finished are scrambling hard, the ones ignoring it are ignoring it as hard as they can, and the government is trying to find good news.

Which is remarkably difficult. Even when "good news" like NorthWest Airlines reports they finshed - they spend twice what was expected, took longer, and still are not sure they're done.

And nobody, anywhere, at anytime, has yet to claim they "wasted" their remediation money.

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, April 30, 1999.

Not sure if you'll have time to catch this, but thank you! While Chuck was magnanimous not to be upset, it is a bad precedent that needed to be deleted.

-- David (, May 01, 1999.

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