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I have some questions to the experts. How Konica describes the Hexanon and the Hexar lenses? I have 6 lenses and all of them have the label "HEXANON" on the ring. I there any special sign that makes this difference.?

Regards Dimitris

-- Anonymous, April 30, 1999


Lenses...Hexanon vs. Hexar

The Hexanon name was used for the 35mm SLR lenses in the Konica Autoreflex mount, and denoted their best lenses. A less expensive series of lens, with correspondingly lighter weight and smaller apertures, was sold under the Hexar name.. I believe they were made by third parties for Konica.

The Hexar 35mm SLR lenses shouldn't be confused with the present-day Hexar rangefinder camera. Its lens is marked KONICA HEXAR LENS 35mm F2.0. The camera and lens are probably as good as anything you can buy for a lot more money. I speak from my own knowledge here, I use one frequently and even people who aren't knowledgeable photographers remark on the sharpness and color of pictures taken with a Hexar camera.

Best regards, Steve

-- Anonymous, April 30, 1999


Following Steve's thread, the HEXAR name has been with Konica at least since WWII, and probably longer. Obviously, Hexar has meant different things at different times. I have seen Konica I rangefinder cameras with an f3.5 Hexar and with an f2.8 Hexanon.


-- Anonymous, May 01, 1999

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