Wells Fargo's online service through Intuit has crashed.

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On Monday PM Wells Fargo's online service through Intuit crashed. The system was down for an announced upgrating Sunday, but after starting up again on Monday it crashed. The system is still down and when questioned Wells Fargo customer service advised that they had no idea when the system would be back up. When pressed the CS rep. stated that twenty other banks and 500,000 customers were being effected. Y2k issues were implied but not stated as the cause. Anyone else experiencing problems connecting to their online service, Quicken or Microsoft Money?

-- Paul Richter (www.bsf1801@msn.com), April 29, 1999


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-- No Spam Please (No_Spam_Please@anon_ymous.com), April 29, 1999.

Only goof I noticed from Wells Fargo was they sent me two separate copies of my checking account statement. Everything else seems to be OK. The mortgage is paid by e-transfer and so far is ok.

-- Mark Hillyard (foster@inreach.com), April 30, 1999.

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