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I have Install a upgrade from PosterShop 4.2 Prod. Pak on Poster Shop 4.5, then I install the Service Pack 4 for Win NT, now my Problem: When I load a PS-File in PS 4.5 an I click on Preview -> then come the message: "The image failed to rasterize - Please check your selection" What can I do ? (The PS-File is OK !!!)

-- Anonymous, April 29, 1999


I had the same problem on one our customer's site. I uninstalled the Service Pack 4 and tried to install it to another machine also. Postscript files didn't work not even the samples from Onyx. Then I installed it to default c:\onyx45 directory instead of c:\Program Files\Onyx45 which I had tried before and everything worked again. Hope this helps!

-- Anonymous, May 11, 1999

The PPage Rip has problems when getting a file location with a space character in it. Make sure that there is no space in the path..

Cheers Daniel

-- Anonymous, May 16, 1999

NT Protocol and Procedures for all Software loading..

Gentlemen.. Please beaware.. when installing any service pak for NT for any operating system.. you must install it first, then install your applications so that they take full advantage of the newest fixes and dll's. etc.. Try it I am sure you will not have anymore problems.. If all else fails buy a Tech Support Contract. its worth the money when you are in the learning stages. ...Sam

-- Anonymous, July 16, 1999

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