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looks like the tech support at worldnet are not part of the spin.the home page at worldnet was not listing my monthly hours used so I called at&T'S TECH SUPPORT at 1-800-543-3279,after jumping through many hoops,I reached a human in the technical support dept.and asked what was up;"Oh,yeah,"said the tech,"the computers at the billing records department has been down for y2k repairs for a week and a half." I was of course blown away by his candor."Should you be telling me this?",I asked. "oh sure,no problem"said the bored tech,"this is just a fluke,should be fixed up any time now..." "What about the rest of the systems?"I asked. "Well,for that,we have an official statement,go to,or go to I can't really comment outside of that..." "But what about the billing department?",I asked. "well,we haven't been given a statement about that and I'm just a cubicle drone,I don't do anything with y2k,just isp connecttivity. My head spinning,I said goodbye. Call tech support at 1-800-543-3279 for your own expierience

-- hate beans (buyin'mo', April 29, 1999

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