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I need some suggestions for buying a densitometer. I mainly want to control the development of negative films and get good quality of negatives. However, I don't have any knowledge about the densitometer and also don't want to spend too much money for it. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.

-- Yong-ran Zhu (, April 28, 1999


I would suggest that you establish a relationship with a local mini- lab, especially if they are using an X-Rite 810. This is about a $3,000 densitometer and very accurate. Most labs only use their densitometers for a couple of minutes a day so you won't be keeping them from getting work done. The instruction manual is only a few pages long and would recomend that you read it and learn about calibration and general use. Owning your own would be very nice but if you have a chance to use a nice one that doesn't cost much to use I think you would learn what you want in purchasing a densitometer. You may also learn that using someone elses a couple of times a year will satisfy you.

-- Jeff White (, April 28, 1999.

You might want to check out eBay. I recently purchased a new-in-box Agfa D104 densitometer for $107. More are for sale. The seller of these units acquired several from a business that was closing, and as part of the purchase agreement, Agfa required that the name be obscured before the units could be resold. While the name has been scratched out somewhat crudely, the densitometer is in otherwise like-new condition. I have found this densitometer to be compact, easy to use and accurate. At a little over $100, I think that's a pretty good deal.

-- Matt Long (, April 29, 1999.

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