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Has anyone purchased a Bakers Choice Woodstove? Please give me your opinion on quality, and how well they bake. I know an Amish person who has a few in stock.

-- Jomn (, April 28, 1999


We have one and like it a lot. It has a large cooking surface (as do most cookstoves), it has a relatively large fire box (which most cookstoves that I have seen do not), and the oven works just great.

It took a few times to get used to the oven (translation-we burnt our cookies and cakes), but now can bake as well as any electric range we've ever used. It has a cheap thermometer on the door, which does appear to be accurate on our stove at least. It has a "bypass gate" to enable you to direct the heat and smoke directly out without heating the oven (much) if you want. We use it to heat our house and cook. If we want more heat in the house (and are not baking at the time), we simply leave the oven door open.

It has a hot water tank (which we have not used yet).

I know of several used ones that are available for $1000 US if anyone else is interested.

-- Tim

-- Tim Jacob (, April 29, 1999.

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