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While this question deals with darkroom procedures, it is unique to large format, hence my posting here. While the archives have many helpful posts and answers on Tech Pan development in roll form, I'm looking for anyone who may have experience developing Tech Pan sheet film (4X5 in a Jobo CPE2/with lift.) in technidol. Kodak does not specifically discourage this, but provides no information regarding development times or techniques for this dev/film combo other than 8 min in a tray.

Using Kodak's standard Technidol dilution for 4X5 (which is 1/2 of the dilution for roll film), I tested six sheets--two at 8 min, two at 7 min, and two at 6 min--and at the tray development time, contrast was markedly higher at 8 min. At six minutes, contrast was a fairly low, and at seven, looks to be spot on.

While you may be thinking "he's answered his own question" I am wondering if anyone else out there is using a Jobo to process Teh Pan in technidol and if their results approach mine. I don't have a densitometer, but just from eyeballing contact sheets made on grade two paper, I think I may have nailed down about the right time. I'm hesitant to test much further because of cost reasons, hence my query.



-- Doug Broussard (, April 28, 1999


I apologize for the error.

Not: "Using Kodak's standard Technidol dilution for 4X5 (which is 1/2 of the dilution for roll film)"


Using Kodak's standard Technidol dilution for 4X5 (which is TWICE the dilution for roll film), i.e. one packet of Technidol makes 16 oz working solution.

-- Doug Broussard (, April 28, 1999.

Hello Doug

As I've only used Tecnical Pan 5x4" once, I'm not very well qualified to answer - but I'll let you know what I did as far as I can remember.

I wanted to develop for platinum printing where I wanted fairly high contrast and a higher density for Zone I. I took a woodland landscape picture, and used an EI of 20 ISO, 16 ISO and 11 ISO. I then developed for 9 minutes (I think! - my notes were on a now-dead computer system...)

The negs were incredibly sharp, as expected, but maybe too contrasty for normal printing. I think you are probably not far off with 7 minutes.

Here is the procedure I used - from some scribbled notes I found:

20 Degrees Celcius Pre-wet for 2.5 minutes Develop ??? Rinse Stop Bath 30seconds Fix 4 minutes Wash 15 seconds Hypo Cleaning 1.5 minutes Rinse 5minutes Photo Flo 30 seconds Do not squeegee

I do have a magazine article that covers processing with Technidol, and I'll try to find it and let you know what it recommends.

-- David Nash (, April 29, 1999.

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