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Since we're buying and storing so much rice, I wondered what we do if it runs out. I wonder how hard and what conditions are necessary to grow it? Are there any links I can check? Thanks in advance and God bless. Mary

-- Mary (, April 28, 1999


It's grown and harvested by Indian tribes in Minnesota every year. Sorry don't have any web sites.

-- Kay (, April 28, 1999.

California Rice Industry Assoc. Sacramento, CA

U.S.A. Rice Federation Houston, TX (713) 270-6699

-- marsh (, April 28, 1999.

Up in the Minnesota marshes that's wild rice, (Zizania aquatica.

Wild rice is endemic to Eastern North America, and was a staple in the diet and an important part in the religious ceremonies of these indigenous peoples. Currently, shatter resistant varieties are harvested by mechanical threshers and processed in plants in Minnesota, California, and Canada.

I've seen thousands of acres of rice paddies in Arkansas -- growing the sorts of rice you find in the grocery. No doubt LA and MS and parts of TX also grow rice. North of Arkansas I think the growing season is too short for rice.

-- Tom Carey (, April 28, 1999.


I thought Midwest = Corn

Get a good grain mill, and then Tasty Cornbread!


-- BigFurDog (, April 29, 1999.

You can grow the stuff almost anywhere in the lower 48 - if you water it enough. Rice takes a LOT of water. Doesn't have to grow in water or mud, but sure wants a watering almost every day. Have heard of a guy in KY who would grow it by disking up a small patch of ground, then hand sowing the seed just before the spring rains. About like you would sow grass. Then every time it did not rain for a day or so he would turn on the sprinkler for half an hour to an hour. Heard it worked out ok - he threshed the heads Indian fashion by holding them over a tub and whacking them with a cane. Never did get over that way to see it myself. I have no idea what plant diseases to expect or how you tell if it is getting too dry.

-- Paul Davis (, April 29, 1999.

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