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Significant quote:

"The Prime Minister of Israel recently remarked, "Nothing is more typically American than boiling down issues to slogans and really emptying them of meaning." American political discourse -- and let's be very clear, Y2K is now a political issue -- rewards simplicity over complexity, victory over governing, the positive over the negative, and image over reality."

Y2k a political issue? Just wait!


-- FM (, April 28, 1999


FM, Are you sure that you got this one right??
the positive over the negative, and image over reality."

In my experience it emphasizes negative over positive.


-- chuck, a Night Driver (, April 28, 1999.


The point is certainly debatable. Consider negative campaign ads. Sometimes, those who run them, win the election.

But. . .is that not also because the public perceives the candidate in a positive light, compared to the opponent?

At any rate, the words are Victor Porlier's.

(I just cut and paste!)


-- FM (, April 28, 1999.

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