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Does anyone know if any of the Unix or Linux recording programs can burn a Video CD?

-- J Corey (, April 28, 1999


The program capable of recording both XA(2) and CDI modes is cdrecord. ICQ 4824402 for the program as I don't recall the url. The issue that I run into is a unix program to convert the .mpg to a White book VCD isofs, if you know of a such a program let me know, or a place that sais what exactly the VCD fs it, so I may attempt to create it myself with mkisofs.

Zach Pardos Solarweb Development

-- Zach Pardos (, May 04, 1999.

See the VCD tools for Linux here:

This will create an image file for burning. The author recommends using cdrdao instead of cdrecord, so that's what I did; I imagine either will work.

-- William McBrine (, August 21, 2000.

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