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I have just gotton my first 4x5 and am thinking polaroid back. I know of the smaller film size of the 405, but the film is much cheaper. I want to use it to test exposures for Velvia. Has anyone used this and what are your thoughts. Thanks

-- Kenny Dunn (kendunn@haz-uky.campuscw.net), April 27, 1999


The 4x5 Polaroid back is the 545. Yes the film is pricy..but think of what it does. I use Type 55 PN for proofing. The negative, with an 8x loupe provides a very good critical focus check. (It is also a superb negative to print from). I very seldom use color materials for proofing as there is really no accurate correlation between Polacolor color rendition and that of whatever Kodak of Fuji emulsion you may be using for final film.

-- C MATTER (cmatter@riag.com), April 27, 1999.

Also..when using B&W Polaroid materialds for exposure testing be aware that the emulsions are rated differently for different types of light. I.E. Type 55 PN is rated @ ASA 50 for daylight and 32 for tungsten light. Nothing on the box will tell you this..you need to get the tech sheets from Polaroid to get the accurate ratings.


-- C MATTER (cmatter@riag.com), April 27, 1999.

I bought the 405 Polaroid back during the winter. I also have a 545 back but the film for the 405 are half the price of what the 545's are. Since I use this camera for my own amusement cost is very important and the 405 helps.

I also feel confident in the proofing capabilities of this film. I've used exactly one shot on the 405 back but hundreds of the same Polaroid film in my medium format camera. Is Velvia exactly the same as the Polaroid film? Nope. Will one day's test shooting give you a cheat sheet to work from? Yup.

The other factor is the weight of the two backs since the 545 is much heavier and larger than the 405. In the studio it may not matter, but in the field it does (at least to me).

-- David Grandy (dgrandy@accesscable.net), April 28, 1999.

I use a 405 back as well as a 545i back. One reason to use the 405 is Polaroid ProVivid, a film which is made in Japan and is an extremely good match for RDP II color and contrast. (Hmmm, i wonder if there is a relationship there?) This film is unavailible in 4x5. of course you'll need to test your setup for focus plane to film plane alignment if you are going to use this (or any other back) but mine is extremely good.

-- Ellis Vener (evphoto@insync.net), April 29, 1999.

What type of 4x5 did you get? I have a Sinar P and use the 405 a ton. I also use roll-film backs, both in the studio and on location, so they naturally go together. A word of caution with Sinars and the 405: the standard of the Sinar P (& problably P2 too) will not allow the back to slide in all the way. I finally removed a side (cosmetic) plate on my Sinar to provide more room for this back.

-- Richard Stum (info@KinesisGear.com), May 02, 1999.

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