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As you may know, Greg Killian compiled a list of 65 warning signs to use as guideposts to the severity of Y2K disruptions. This was written in July 1998.

It is interesting to read again, now that we are well into 1999 and see how many of these indicators are coming to pass and review additional events to pay attention to.

Any commentary would be appreciated. Any gracious forum members care to hotlink?


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-- Roland (, April 27, 1999


"Y2K Warning Signs":

-- Kevin (, April 27, 1999.

This may or may not format correctly, but we'll try:

1- My boss has replaced all of the hardware in the company, and is updating the software. We have no embedded problems as the Roadmasters are not date-aware
2- The banks doth protest a lot, but we will not know til later
3- Hit this one- Lehman's and the generator people
4- Everyone is encouraging retention of paper records
5- Embedded manufacturers making more? Recalls? The compliancy lists are out.
6- MISSED on the profit taking starting at day 500
7- HIT on flight from foreign investment
8- Missed on slowdown on .gov services so far
9- Not yet
10- Not yet. People are still installing JIT
11- HIT on insurance
12- Hit on contract language
13- Nobody's talking in FEMA or ARC about internal compliance
14- Productivity figures are not out?????
15- Nuff Said
16- Ditto
17- Not a lot of suits
18- Bingo on mergers, particularly BANKS
19- Profits of IT Companies aare not out.
20- MISS on COTS problems but it's only 1999
21- NO ONE is announcing
22- Unknown at this time
23- Unknown at this time
24- If it's there it's back channel
25- 10Q hedging . YUP!
26- HIT Self imunization for .gov
27- HIT Contingency Planning
28- Minimal with more trigger dates in the future
29- Salarite never materialized. Idont know if this is good or bad.
30- R&I is NOT being publicized, if it exists
31- I think this is a hit but forget the industry that had regulations frozen.
32- MISS No infrastructure fund
33- MISS Alliances are being made, not unmade
34- No discussion on litigation yet
35- MISS NO requirement for public disclosure, beyond the SEC regs, which are honored more in the breach than in the observance
36- YUP D&G'ers abound
37- MISS Fiscal Year problems
38- Miss SO FAR Supplier takeovers and supplies self sufficiency
39- We tried, but a shooting war got in the way
40- NOT (SO FAR) Gold bugs falling on swords now
42- TOO EARLY for no-essential services triage
43- TOO EARLY for credit crunch to have effect
44- No .gov or .mil involvement in utilities yet, but ref 44)b) the strat reserves are being topped up
45- Too early for media whining for help from .gov
46- Clearly didn't predict shooting war that we have. Good synopsis on EO's
47- .gov NOT financing remediation
48- Too early for late 1999 borrowing
49- HIT Shortages are occurring in selected items as mentioned
50- HIT on commercial liability policy changes
51- Too Early for state of emergency declarations
52- Too early
53- NO Sabaticals, but many NO VACATIONS declarations
54- Stockpiling in corps not visible
55- Too early for .gov legis. Mandated vacations
56- Too early to see rationing plans
57- Too early for late 1999 panic buying
58- Too early for late 1999 strikes
59- Too early for tax skips
60- Ditto for individuals
61- Too early to see product mix changes
62- CEO/CIO Flight has not started as of 4/27/1999
63- Programmer flight has not started yet
64- Too early to close down nukes
65- Too early for flat tax


-- chuck, a Night Driver (, April 27, 1999.

Chuck, good post!

On item 33, several airlines have discreetly realigned their partner aliances, eliminating carriers in areas where Y2K remediation is way behind.

I guess the question is, how many of these signs do we have to see before we GI. I count 19 hits so far.


-- Novacop (, April 28, 1999.

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