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Roger Waters is probably the most influential songwriter in my life. Yesterday, I bought tix to his show in Milwaukee (he's opening his North American tour here) July 23rd. I am looking forward to it, and got great seats over the internet.

Waters' solo albums have been every bit as good (if not better) than his work with Pink Floyd. I came across this analysis of his album "Amused To Death", and thought I'd share it with others who may be fans. The album was written aroung the time of the Persian Gulf War, so it's a bit dated, but still remarkably relevant.

-- Which one's pink? (Roger W@ters.fan), April 27, 1999


I'm a huge Floyd/Waters fan, also. Too many memories to recount. Thanks for the link, pink.

And up here in the stands/The fans are goin' wild/

The cheerleaders flip/When you wiggle your hip/

And we all like the bit when you take/The jeans from the refrigerator and/Then the bad guy gets hit/

And were you struck by the satisfying/Way the swimsuit sticks to her skin/

Like BB gun days/When knives pierce autumn leaves/

But that's okay see the children bleed/It'll look great on the TV


What God wants God gets God help us all/

God wants peace/God wants war

God wants famine/God wants chain stores

What God wants God gets

God wants sedition/God wants sex

God wants freedom/God wants semtex


Enjoy the show. What God wants God gets

-- regular (zzz@z.z), April 27, 1999.

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